Namco's 2001 Tekken 4 Arcade Game - I'll Fight You Heihachi ! The ORIGINAL, Not Arcade1up ! -

Namco’s 2001 Tekken 4 Arcade Game – I’ll Fight You Heihachi ! The ORIGINAL, Not Arcade1up !

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  1. I love this game and also have a couple of Namco system 246s in my personal collection. Neat arcade system based on PlayStation 2 hardware.

  2. I have this game too . Love the fact u can move before the round starts

  3. Tekken Tag definitely came out before 4. Tekken 3 was 97, TTT 99 and 4 was 2001

  4. Literally the only time I've seen Tekken 4 in an arcade was either in 2009 or 2010, except that it was running inside a Tekken 5 cabinet. Even back then I knew that such a thing was possible, but it still left me wondering why this was the case. Did the owner buy the cabinet and the board/DVD separately? Was the Tekken 5 DVD too badly damaged and it was cheaper to just get Tekken 4? Was the owner just trying to trick people that weren't paying attention? (considering this arcade also had one of those all-in-one machines with a bunch of CPS1 and 2 ROMs on it, it wouldn't surprise me)

    This arcade also had MVC2. I managed to get the top high score on that machine. I was sad when I went back roughly 4 years ago and it was gone (although the all-in-one machine was still there despite the P1 side no longer working, which raises even more questions about the management and the people who actually went there; and I say "went" because it closed about 2 years ago along with the mall it was attached to)

  5. man i just noticed he sounds like will from red jacket firearms .

  6. Fun fact, the arcade version of Tekken 4 has a different soundtrack then the PS2 version.

  7. It reminds me of the Dead or Alive series. Did they ever come out with an arcade cabinet? It was a Tecmo product.


    Oh Tekken method give the first 3 fighters easy and then f…… K all of ya…💥💥💥☠️

  9. I don't care how good or bad you are at this, it was fun to watch it and entertaining.
    Great work bringing this out on the 20th anniversary year.

  10. Ah the black sheep of the series. Only ever saw two Tekken arcade cabinets here in the UK. I was Tekken 2 and Tekken 6. I think the Tekken 2 had this style buttons and joystick and the Tekken six was the more Japanese style layout with staggered buttons and such… love em.

  11. Was LEI at stage 4 a copycat of Elvis? 😲 😆

  12. Thanks for the vid, would have loved to have seen the inside of the Dynamo cab:) Never really cared for Tekken back when you had Killer Instinct out there, which is the King of Arcade fighters that's even sought after by some golden age collectors…..Hell I like Street Fighter and MKs more than Tekken too but it obviously has it's fanbase. Thanks again!

  13. "Oh no. Now I gotta fight a bear."

    Don't-a fight-a bare. Put on-a you clothes-a.

  14. "I would probably try to avoid punching the robot." ~Mike Stoklassa

    "Doink!" "Doink!" ~Rich Evans

  15. Christie reminds me of Eddie. Also, I think that Combot is much like the straw dummy in 3, in that it copies a random other character's style, with a 'tell' with that little move at the beginning of the round. Of course, that only helps if you know all the characters and how do counter their styles/moves.

  16. This is very much the black sheep of Tekken games. It seems like people either consider it the best or the worst with very little inbetween. I personally don't like it much, I think 3 and Tag 1 are a lot better, but it had some interesting ideas, and the soundtrack is very unique. Most fans of the series like me give this game the credit of being the most interesting plot-wise – after this game, it seems like they just stopped caring about every character aside from Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi. Characters like Paul and King just never seemed to be taken seriously after this.

  17. Tekken 4 is dope. I don’t believe in that ‘black sheep’ nonsense. It was the only game in the series that had serious gritty atmosphere to it. Also the character portraits made them look like they weren’t messing around. From Tekken 5 onwards it’s become far too comical.

  18. TTT came our before 4. Tekken 4 was the first Tekken game geared towards PS2 hardware. Yes TTT was on PS2 but it was based on the Tekken 3 engine.

    4 was a weird time in the series. The cramped stages with slopes and slants. Everyone hated it.

  19. Clean gameplay and man arcades are what make me go back replaying old games i love it😎🕹

  20. Dammit, can you believe this game's 20 years old already? I remember playing it when I was a little kid, I was amused that the characters could finally speak instead of just yelling. Felt like the future of games.

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