My Favorite Secondary Titles On My Arcade1Up Machines -

My Favorite Secondary Titles On My Arcade1Up Machines

Steve V’s Man Cave Arcade
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In this video I talk about my favorite secondary title on each of my cabinets. With the marquee title being the main reason alot of us buy the cabinet, its the other games that really add some extra value to what is already a solid cab. Arcade1up is really great at getting some A+ and B+ titles to fill out the gamelist on alot of these arcade machines so I wanted to take the time to give some spot light to some of my favorite secondary titles. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching


  1. Lunar Lander is the best hidden gem in my arcade.

  2. My favorite secondary game on capcom legacy is Darkstalkers

  3. god damn. Can you pronounce any words with more than 2 syllables?

  4. I did enjoy it! Good stuff! You’re gonna have to do a follow up including the Marvel and Star Wars Pinball!!!

  5. I totally enjoyed this video. I think it is a great idea for a video Steve V. Love playing Bad Dudes on my BurgerTime cab. And Time Pilot 84 is awesome. Thanks for the video.

  6. Nice ! I wanted the frogger cab but 600 in Canada for 3 games. But I love time pilot ! Hope it comes on another cab

  7. Great idea for a video. I'll add my favorite secondaries from my cabs…
    Pac-Man Legacy: Rompers
    Ms. Pac-Man: Dig Dug
    Super Pac-Man: Galaga
    Tempest Legacy: Centipede
    SF Capcom Legacy: Super Street Fighter II
    TMNT: Turtles in Time
    Marvel Limited: Punisher
    Marvel vs Capcom: X-Men vs Street Fighter
    X-Men vs Street Fighter: Children of the Atom
    Frogger CC: Time Pilot
    Coming soon…
    X-Men: Captain America & the Avengers

  8. This was a fun idea for a video. I might have to do a response vid with my secondary list!

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