My Arcade MAME Cabinet - UPDATED! -

My Arcade MAME Cabinet – UPDATED!

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We upgraded the computer, software, joystick controller and monitor plus other physical aspects of our standup MAME arcade emulator cabinet for the game room.
LaunchBox front end:

Computer Specs:
Dell x8900-2506BLK
Intel Quad Core i7-6700 3.4 GHz Processor
1 TB HDD Storage
Monitor: 19″ ViewSonic VG930m
Controller: X-Arcade Dual Joystick w/ USB


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** I was not paid for this video, but Launchbox did provide the computer and upgraded software license for the review. The opinions of the software are my own.


  1. “Hey guys I am THE metal Jesus”-Metal Jesus

  2. monitor latnancy can be a big deal too, hopefully thats a fast one.

  3. how do you rate the tankstick was thinking of getting one

  4. WEll Drunken Master Paul I beg to differ: in order to feel complete you should use a CRT monitor!

  5. when i go to set controls in game only see the top of the menu box at the bottom of my screen, tried changing display luck

  6. You lost me at remove the coin mech…. next

  7. Young at heart.
    How long was the cfg to make all those game to run? Cheers

  8. Very kind of you to share, I had all the emulators back in 2006, because of hard drives fail do to Arm adjustment fails all the information is lost. This video gives me options thanks.

  9. Bought a license today and can't wait to have my arcade collection look that cool. Nice build!

  10. When Paul was cutting the foamcore, was he putting T moulding around the inside? It wasn't shown or explained well. What size was it and what was it actually?

  11. love the actualization on that cabinet. i will set up my own as soon as i can.

  12. the xgaming site makes me drool good buttons batstick arcade stick, a crt and a trackball not good for my wallet

  13. I'm gonna build a bartop arcade kit from bitcade and buttons from a dutch arcade shop things like paint and sandpaper also a dutch hardware store and all the other things from a dutch online shop

  14. When he says "I am thinking RAIDEN" is he talking about Mortal Kombat 11?

  15. Have you done anything to this in 2020?

  16. Just installed this a few days ago, ended up getting the Bigbox for $70, if you are looking for a Front-end this is the way to go.

  17. Hey Metal Jesus!,
    I still have my old Macintosh 7100 (1998?) desktop that I stored away back into its original box when I moved up to an Intel desktop machine running an XP os. Is there any use for that Macintosh machine that can be salvaged for in retro gaming? I played Doom II extensively on it!!!

  18. Again so Nice with Drunken master Paul funny and Handy as usual😉

  19. how can you consider yourself a retrogamer with a LCD stuff on a cabinet?

  20. it just needs a CRT upgrade then it would be perfect 🙂

  21. Are there any companies that do this professionally? I dont mean like the Arcade 1up or XArcade versions….I mean a salvaged old arcade game cabinet.

  22. I’m getting a similar cab built from x-arcade, it comes with a 32 inch monitor.

  23. Three years later and Launchbox/Big Box is still the best! Recommend Neon Deluxe Arcade theme if you haven't checked it out yet and want to upgrade your presentation a bit.

  24. Fuck that guy from launch box he asked my friends to help him and they turned him down and then he reports them to sega lmfao 🤣

  25. We didn't have any money to do it? You make so much money and have sponsorship bro lol 😆

  26. I love your smiles guys
    Fucking genuine! Awesome!

    Feels Happy

  27. I tried to set up launch box one day, only to find out that it takes years to scan for one system… immediately uninstalled it.

  28. I was interested until the monitor inbuilt speakers came up.

  29. Virtua Racing Sega 1992
    Indy 500 Sega 1995
    Virtua Striker 2 1997
    The House of The Dead 4 Sega 2005
    Time Crisis 5 BNEI 2015
    Resident Evil Survivor 2
    – Code:Veronica – Capcom 2001
    Warriors of Fate Capcom 1992
    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Capcom 1994
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Capcom 1998
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Midway 1995

  30. Why dont you put a crt screen? It would look amazing

  31. Is this the only way to play Xmen the arcade beat em up side scroll game because it was delisted from the xbox 360 store and psn and I need that game!

  32. The specs in that cab, just for MAME, is actually insane. A terabyte of storage, an i7 quadcore, 16 gigs of ddr4?! 😂 😂

  33. sorry but i hate with all my heart arcades with led or lcd and pc or rasberry , and less consoles emulators

  34. Check out my wall mounted cabinets at Umbrella Arcades. I have full builds, kits and empty cabinet options.

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