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My Arcade Gamer Portable 220 Review Video

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The My Arcade Portable Gaming System comes with 220 built in video games that are of great quality. The graphics quality of the games is quite good – it is pretty much up there with the Game Boy video quality – and the sound is pretty decent.

This little gaming powerhouse needs three AAA batteries to run and it is designed to give many hours of continuous game play before the need to replace the batteries arises.

There are two action buttons labelled “A” and “B” respectively on the right hand side of the screen and there is a rubber D-Pad which is quite responsive that is located to the left of the 2.5 inch screen.

There is also a “Start” and “Select” buttons in addition to the sliding power button.

The My Arcade Gamer Portable has a similar form factor to the Nintendo GameBoy Micro.


  1. Sadly I own one of those piece of sh.. what a waste of money

  2. i had this game i took it back to the store within an hour of purchase…it has a bunch of crap games on it that really arent worth playing …its worth noting that these exact games are on literally every chinese bootleg multi cart ever made …also there are chinese handheld games all over ebay that have some of these same games plus real nes games like contra batman double dragon shinobi mario and the prives range from 8.00 usd to 25.00 usd but as with all chinese handhelds qualty is hit and miss …and ive read comments on other videos that seem to say the same thing about this unit in its various configurations…

  3. Hey I just got one today but it looks like a Gameboy

  4. I got this its fun but the screen is small

  5. Wish their was a arcade handheld with Donkey Kong…

  6. I own won and its great to take out with you if you don't want to lose your ds or have your ds stolen from you. You need to thank about that. If some one stole the dream gear you won't get mad or worry about it but if you're ds or 3d ds get stolen you will be angry. That is cheap ds is not.

  7. Por que tu cochinada de video tiene mas de 2,000 visitas y el mio menos de 50 >:'v

  8. I stole 2 of these haven't tried it yet lol


  9. i got one and ut is so so so fun😄😃😍

  10. I have one but I don't have batteries so I'm buying it right now

  11. I have one and I love it I think it’s kinda funny because it’s all bootleg games lol

  12. My bff gave me one because she lost my phone. I said is she find it ( my phone) she can have it

  13. My favorite games
    Golden bird
    Triple jump
    High jump
    (And a few others)
    Perfect for long trips

  14. 5:40 Please no added audio. We come to see and hear the actual device, not video editing skills (good though they are).

  15. i bought 1 on airport last year . just came from a shit .. was wondering if there is any footage on YT

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