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Most Anticipated Games Of 2022 | GI Show

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Join us on this bursting episode of The Game Informer Show as we celebrate making it to 2022 and look ahead to our most anticipated games of the new year. We’re breaking down all the big hitters from Elden Ring, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, and so much more in one of our longest and zaniest episodes yet.

Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:46 – Jay Guisao’s 2021 Top 10
00:12:32 – Final GI 2021 Top 10 Lists
00:14:36 – Most Anticipated Games 2022
00:16:14 – January
00:21:44 – Pokemon Legends: Arceus
00:28:53 – February
00:29:53 – Dying Light 2
00:41:31 – Horizon Forbidden West
00:48:54 – Elden Ring
00:54:12 – March
01:08:09 – April
01:08:55 – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl
01:12:23 – May
01:21:00 – August
01:21:20 – Saints Row
01:23:42 – September
01:24:03 – November
01:24:13 – Starfield
01:30:33 – Most Anticipated Games Without Release Dates
01:56:13 – God of War Ragnarok
02:00:21 – Gotham Knights
02:26:25 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

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  1. And Elden Ring does not look like it’s even good, let alone a “GOTY” or “GOAT” game. Destiny looks better.

  2. If Dying Light was a Sleeper hit then Dying Light 2:Stay Human will be a knockout this February 😏🎮💥


  4. Someone else probably already said, but Battlefied Earth is the scientology propaganda book/movie. Starship Troopers is the actually GOOD military/capitalism sci Fi satire book/movie.

  5. I’m torn between Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring Two amazing games🤯🤯🤯

  6. Gotham Knights looks like it could be interesting 🧐

  7. I am Jesus Christ the video game looks like WHAT

  8. Breath of the Wild 2, Shadow Warrior 3, GOW Ragnarock, and Starfield are my most.

  9. Legends of Arceus, Botw2 , Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 , & Ghost of Tsushima 2

  10. Horizon forbidden west on PS4, saints row, sifu, starfield, sucide squad kill the justice league. And stalker are my most anticipated

  11. Starfield is the only game that matters. BotW 2 feels like a weird joke game industry people are forced to hype up lol.

  12. I liked horizon but didn't love it. This one looks like they really stepped it up and looks amazing

  13. I feel like this is a podcast of guys that are marginally excited about most of these games lol

  14. Elden Ring will be so hard, therefore so good. Get good scrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrubs!!!

  15. I want a PS5 so bad just for Horizon 2. Easily my most anticipated, nothing comes close.

  16. More like Horizon Zero YAWN, that story sucked.

  17. There is something truly disturbing about a grown man saying "let's goooo"

  18. Curious what elements stalker has with arcane cinematically, I dont make the connection. Metro was heavily inspired by stalker & bacically was what stalker could look like in modern engine so very excited for stalker 2 potential. The original still to this day has the best open world ai system in any game called a-life, watching interaction between the ai & how react to you also is by far the biggest draw to game. If they can nail that & also keep hardcore survival elements we saw with modding in particular they will nail it. Hopefully doesnt get influenced too much by console experience tho.

  19. Man… Elden Ring is fucking dope! The best of all is the hype and the crazy anticipation is worth it, a studio who delivers, a real vision of what is possible, no overmarketing bs, and on top of that the network test, A REAL slice of the game which some played and not just a few… Can't wait to feb 25!

  20. I still prefer Uncharted 2 and 3 over 4. 4 only had one big set piece that they overshowed before the game released.

  21. FACTS, Moose Tracks may be one of the top ice cream flavors out there.

  22. “I think robotic dinosaurs are kinda lame” fuck off man.

  23. I would say Saints Row is the thing I'm most excited for next year. That series has always been a blast and I've enjoyed playing both SR3 and SR4 during the pandemic, and I'm wondering where the balance of insanity that game will attempt. It's obvious the things happening in that world did not continue from what happened with 4, but it seems to be an all-new crew of characters too.
    I would say Stadnik should give those games a shot, that's the #BigManSwag move instead of just listening to van Aken and dismissing it.

  24. I think these guys are sleeping on how good Horizon Forbidden West will be Just the underwater stuff alone is enough to make it entertaining. I don’t remember a really good game giving you much to do underwater. And I am not the biggest water level fan lol but def excited!

  25. Guys, guys, guys. I'm very disappointed that none of you appear to know much about Stalker… including that it came out years before Metro. Also, Starship Troopers being propaganda for Scientology? Wow. Just wow. I hope other comments have helped school you. That was bad. Those are two cred marks you've failed.

    Edit: Now someone's talking about how The Outer Worlds is inspired by Bethesda RPGs. Wow. Research some facts… and that makes it a hat trick.

  26. Stop teasing us and make a 1v1 video; Tack V Stadnik. We need this. Make it a series if it's popular?

  27. If he could get past the robot dinosaur thing Horizon Zero Dawn has a cool story. When you uncover all the holograms I enjoyed how the story was told. Then the guy said Forza was more popular than Gran Turismo which is Sonys highest selling IP. Come on man .

  28. Also, Alex's Boston accent has me dying 😂

  29. If I hear the words baby, let’s go, or bro one more time I’m going to gouge my ears out

  30. Loving the ability to scrub and see chapters, very cool feature just noticed it. And Dan Tack on this Ep! Excellent video!

  31. This panel is just not engaging. It’s been an issue for awhile

  32. When is gamestops going out of business sale?

  33. Good episode, my most anticipated are Elden Ring and GoW Ragnarok.

  34. tbf Todd Howard didn't direct Fallout 76 he did Fallout 4 and that won multiple GOTYs.

  35. As someone from Boston, this episode really spoke to me.

  36. I'm hoping for granblue fantasy relink which I've been waiting for a couple yrs. Also Zelda and elden ring have great style and art.

  37. I still don't understand why people call the machines in HZD are dinosaurs, most of them are based on current day animals. Large cats, horses, deer, bulls, alligators, hawks and the like. I do get some are based on dinosaurs but for the most part most of them aren't. An with all the new talk about it I hear it over and over it just bothers me a little maybe no bothers but obviously they havent actually played the game if you call them all robot dinosaurs… lol but hey just my opinion

  38. Alex as host has saved this show for me. I've been watching for over a decade and the firings at GI turned me away. I went to Minnmax for awhile but they're too woke over there. Having a great host with personality and good energy has brought me back. Thanks for the great show!

  39. Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    Jay Guisao: “like right like like right right like like right like right like like right right like right like right like right like right like right’.

  40. Battlefield Earth was the scientology movie. Starship Troopers was a satire on American exceptionalism

  41. Happy new year and positive vibes for all here and at the channel. Love you all.

  42. Most hyped for Elden ring and Horizon Forbidden West. Silksong, God of War, and BOTW 2 will also be great.

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