Modding My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8] -

Modding My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8]

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EPIC Upgrades to My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8] | unCAGEDgamez
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Welcome to Day 8 in my 11 Days of Mortal Kombat! In this episode I take my Mortal Kombat Arcade1Up and modified it! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to come back everyday for another episode!

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MUSIC INTRO: Jafunk – Debut
MUSIC OUTRO: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. Who's Excited that Christmas is right around the corner?!

  2. I added the illuminated buttons to mine and it looks damn good. I might have to get that marquee. Upgading these machines are fun as hell!

  3. Cool now it just needs a gsync monitor with a mini PC running mame with crt filters and all new joysticks and buttons 🙂

  4. Ausome you just have to buy the Mk3 side art now.

  5. Welcome back to mtv cribs mortal kombat edition

  6. Alternative title how to modify your old Mortal Kombat arcade system

  7. I’ve modded mine to have light up buttons and the thing you did at the top and I’ve modded mine to have over 10,000 games also I forgot a upgraded sound system

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