Mini Tabletop Arcades - Old vs. New -

Mini Tabletop Arcades – Old vs. New

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In this episode I take a look at 3 vintage Coleco mini tabletop arcades, and then compare them with some modern versions.


  1. Wow!! I paid 100 bucks for the pac man….Great video 😎👍🏼

  2. Please extend the intro music and film an opening credits scene like Full House/Family Matters. Youd pop around the corner and be surprised by the camera and smile… So good

  3. That textured surface will not let your paper towels to get to the bottom of the gunk even if the assorted solvents was working. Needed a stiff brush. Starting with plastic then yellow brass then last the small steel wire brush. Of course be careful and deliberate as to not further damage the surface. Don't be silly. Did you try brushes before butcher knife?

  4. Lighter Fluid works even better to remove old adhesive than WD 40 because it just evaporates and doesn't leave an oily residue!

  5. I would watch a compilation of his restorations.

  6. When the nostalgia reaches level 100 and keeps climbing: "I picked these up at Toys'R'Us…"

  7. Good old WD40. Awesome.

    If anyone has problems with old dry wiper blades, clean and massage the blades thoroughly with WD40 and a towel. The longer you spend the better the result. I use this trick as a detailer on worn out wiper blades and I'll get phone calls after it rains from people asking if I changed the blades.

    Also, if you have a haze or film on the interior glass, clean it with a damp magic eraser and 50% Isopropyl alcohol, then follow with your normal glass cleaner and towels.

  8. My brother and i had three of those each when we were kids…wish i still had them

  9. I had all three of these featured games. My biggest complaint was that there was no way to turn down/off the volume. I can only imagine that my brother and I drove our father up the wall while he was driving on long road trips. I guess it was possible to open up the back and disconnect the speaker. (And you really didn't need the sound that badly.) It's REALLY irritating on Frogger when the snake comes on the screen. Out of the three games, I liked Frogger the best. It came the closest to simulating the game simply because it only moved exactly where you wanted it to go. If you tried to make PacMan turn a corner, you'd usually move the joystick a little too early or too late and it wouldn't make the turn.

  10. made in china. nah thanks. good consoles are made in japan.

  11. I had the one at the right side. Galaxy game and I really liked it

  12. I owned the Pac Man one. Played this for hours and hours….

  13. I have that Donkey Kong game. I also have Galaxian and Zaxxon, sadly Zaxxon is broken now. Galaxian is actually a fantastic game, easily my favorite of these tabletop games.

  14. Looks like spray foam insulation spilled or dripped on the DK unit.

  15. I miss paint shop pro, superior product in the day. Used it up untill my copy became corrupted.

  16. “So I just touched every pin and wrote them down” is literally a chad move

  17. I’d try retrobrighting it before the scraper tool. Man that just makes me heart hurt seeing that plastic

  18. Man I’ve got like a miss pac man machine that’s a keychain that’s even tinier than those and it the screen is way better than both of the modern ones. Just a tiny lcd screen that emulates the original arcade much better even

  19. Solution is to laminate both sides of the label then use the Spray Adhesive on the label.

  20. Printable bumper sticker sheets will eliminate the need to use spray adhesive.

  21. I had one of these when I was around 2 or 3!

  22. newer handhelds are horrible dont waste your money thanks for review will not buy those

  23. I had a Sace Invader one in the very eatly 80's,I absolutely loved it, the colors were fascinating.

  24. Amazing amazing restoration work, the research and patience wow

  25. I hope after four years you are now using laser or inkjet adhesive gloss stock

  26. Well, you are dedicated, that`s for sure…

  27. Just use crack n peel label stock next time. The backing is scored in strips so you can "crack and peel" off sections at a time making the lining up process much easier.

  28. Dude you are awesome!!! First time here and I'm now subbing. Your videos are perfect, professional, and FUN to watch. If I didn't know any better I would say you are an electrical engineer or something bad ass. Love ya brother! A+++++ Thumbs Up! : ))))

  29. I have an older version of the "new" frogger which is NOT a dot matrix version. But it is interesting that you opened up those newer ones. They still look pretty cool.

  30. i have a ms Pacman and a space invaders that are just like the version in a real arcade and they are smaller than the machines in the video. i got them at an event at a museam

  31. Another option to restore the labels is using some vector graphics editor like inkscape (and apply the vectorize option). You'll earn a lot of time.

  32. Toys-R-Us? awe, that made me a little sad. 🙁

  33. do you have the files for the replacement decals? 🥺

  34. Try Goo Gone It works really good and you won't need you knife

  35. Nice! My brother and I had several of these when we were kids.

  36. Years ago i had Miss Pac-man, i use to repair mine own.

  37. Wonder if you could hack the Qbert/Centipede box to play some Doom.

  38. My Arcades has way better arcades then the ones shown

  39. Label copying:
    1. scan in GIF or other losles format
    2. To delete 1 pixel sized black frickles:
    – select white area globaly
    – expand selection by 1 pixel
    – contract selection by 1 pixel

  40. 4 years later; Nice video. I had the pacman game. My Uncle was facinated with my juvenile video game skills. Haha. Hey; which version of PaintShop Pro are you using? I love old software!

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