Mini Tabletop Arcades - Old vs. New -

Mini Tabletop Arcades – Old vs. New

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In this episode I take a look at 3 vintage Coleco mini tabletop arcades, and then compare them with some modern versions.


  1. 4 years later; Nice video. I had the pacman game. My Uncle was facinated with my juvenile video game skills. Haha. Hey; which version of PaintShop Pro are you using? I love old software!

  2. Label copying:
    1. scan in GIF or other losles format
    2. To delete 1 pixel sized black frickles:
    – select white area globaly
    – expand selection by 1 pixel
    – contract selection by 1 pixel

  3. My Arcades has way better arcades then the ones shown

  4. Wonder if you could hack the Qbert/Centipede box to play some Doom.

  5. Years ago i had Miss Pac-man, i use to repair mine own.

  6. Nice! My brother and I had several of these when we were kids.

  7. Try Goo Gone It works really good and you won't need you knife

  8. do you have the files for the replacement decals? 🥺

  9. Toys-R-Us? awe, that made me a little sad. 🙁

  10. Another option to restore the labels is using some vector graphics editor like inkscape (and apply the vectorize option). You'll earn a lot of time.

  11. i have a ms Pacman and a space invaders that are just like the version in a real arcade and they are smaller than the machines in the video. i got them at an event at a museam

  12. I have an older version of the "new" frogger which is NOT a dot matrix version. But it is interesting that you opened up those newer ones. They still look pretty cool.

  13. Dude you are awesome!!! First time here and I'm now subbing. Your videos are perfect, professional, and FUN to watch. If I didn't know any better I would say you are an electrical engineer or something bad ass. Love ya brother! A+++++ Thumbs Up! : ))))

  14. Just use crack n peel label stock next time. The backing is scored in strips so you can "crack and peel" off sections at a time making the lining up process much easier.

  15. Well, you are dedicated, that`s for sure…

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