Mini Retro Arcade Machine - DreamGear - UNBOXING & FULL REVIEW -

Mini Retro Arcade Machine – DreamGear – UNBOXING & FULL REVIEW

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Today we unbox a $30 miniature handheld Arcade Machine! We look at the contents and the 300 video games inside.
My Review:
Quality: 9 out of 10
Gameplay: 7 out of 10
Games: 2 out of 10


  1. I got one in wallmart but mine is blue with 200 games and the one in the video i think would be way better than this

  2. I know the best place that you could store that little machine grab it go out to the alley look at the closest trash can and that's where you leave it and I'm pretty sure if you come back tomorrow I'll still be there

  3. Just cheap rubbish… Good for little kids my PSP is a retro emulated Powerhouse the end.

  4. Piss-poor review. He didn't recognize games like Mario Bros. and Popeye, he calls wrestling boxing, he doesn't even try to understand the gameplay…

  5. Hes about to learn all the games are crap.

  6. These knock-offs are terriffic! "Rescue the Girl" "Homing Chicken" heh, good stuff. Also, Hero Mice 2: total garbage. They were just pumping out junk hoping to capitalize on the success of the original Hero Mice.

  7. is there anyway you could hack one of these

  8. I'll buy it, in 300 games at least 10 or 20 must be good … I saw a few here that look good

  9. They should make a bigger reasonable size.

  10. I but this peace of garbage like 5 days ago, this is complete trash, don't ever think of buying this

  11. Found one at a truck stop for $12. So I couldn't pass it up

  12. im Emad from turkea iwant one plese

  13. There is no one to answer us. We want to buy from this store please

  14. I mean like what do you expect 300 games is alot their not gonna put call of duty or fortnite in there

  15. No te entendi ni vergas no se ingles

  16. mini retro arcade machine drem gear javier

  17. I got one of these, it’s a bit different, and I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it to be a ripoff… I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. I regret buying it.

  18. It’s just a bunch of random game emulators not to even go to the screen that is so small for its size and you can just get a smaller cheaper one, but also has the same emulators.

  19. Why do I have the same one but different games? It still has 300 games but it has a different kind of game selection layout I got mine on Amazon but I don't think that is the reason.

  20. Your Review:

    Quality: 9 out of 10

    Gameplay: 7 out of 10

    Games: 2 out of 10

    How game-play can be 7 if games are 2??? 😀 You just born 20 years later mate. We were buzzing back in a day with ALL of these games.

  21. Gamecrook seems to be the I think sole working web app for gems and gold.

  22. nice wouldn't mind getting it i have my arcade 308 games

  23. It’s so cool I bought one from like 2 years and it’s still working the games are sick and it’s sick

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