Mini Arcade Machine / 240 in 1 8-bit Game Handheld System / Review & Unboxing -

Mini Arcade Machine / 240 in 1 8-bit Game Handheld System / Review & Unboxing

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Mini Arcade / Multi Game / Console / Cart / Card / Cartridge / Ultimate / 8bit / 8-bit / Handheld / Retro Game / Mario / Pokemon

Where to find ?
Mini Arcade 8-bit –
Mini Arcade 2 Player –
Mini Sega 16-bit Arcade –

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  1. First comment. Nice little thing, but sad it is 8bit

  2. The games are something else. BTW Wicked, did you get my e-mail?

  3. I like the ball-top joystick, but yeah, shame it's 8-bit only.

  4. Good for the kids so they can stay away from the good stuffs

  5. Nothing on the side? Isn't that the USB port to get power into it. It said "dual power supply" on the box.

  6. Only f22 is worth playing and it ain't half bad either, still only a public domain kinda homebrew demo. I mean I have a similar device so I just assume there is nothing decent here as well, If there is, please let me know.

  7. Is that a micro USB next to the power switch??

  8. I wish there was a mastersystem on a chip clones

  9. Good for the kiddies that are just becoming aware of video gaming but not for me,c yuh wicked brother from another mother😉

  10. Het idee is leuk
    Maar verder games zijn slecht

  11. The screen is very clear but the games I don't understand them😮

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