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Midway’s NFL BLITZ Arcade Game – Classic 90’s Gameplay

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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We got in this beautiful dedicated NFL Blitz arcade game, check it out!

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  1. 5 1 4 up turbo3 1 2 up3 1 2 left0 3 2 upCodes I would put in when I played on n64

  2. I'm really bad at this game myself! But for some reason I keep playing it! lol! Great video! =)

  3. Oh how I miss the NFL Blitz series 🙁 They truly were the best football games.

  4. Being a Tampa Bay fan myself all I can say is: at least you didn't pick the Failcons.

  5. The football equivalent to NBA Jam 🙂

  6. I have NFL blitz 2003 for ps2 midway is better then EA midway sould make a NFL blitz 2017 that would be cool

  7. When you pass the line of scrimmage when you are using the QB it turns a down the field pass into a lateral because in the real NFL you can't do it without a penalty. That's why it wasn't passing to your intended target

  8. This video is quite funny and entertaining with how badly you are failing in NFL blitz

  9. You can do 2-point convos in the game, just pick a play other than the extra point and you can go for 2.

  10. also don't forget how going double up disappears your selector when in the playbook, so opponents don't know what you got coming

  11. 0-4-5 up is unlimited turbo i think? and 0-3-2 right is super blitz, and 1-3-2 (1-3-5?) up or down is something i probably mixed these up but those 3 were our go to at the student bar back when bottles were on special $1 each and wings 0.10 lol

  12. Joe, I picked up this same exact cabinet. Great shape. However, the whole screen looked cloudy or grey. I adjusted the color and contrast with the attached remote, but when I do this, the sharpness or something goes haywire making the smaller fonts and numbers (play names, score, game clock) almost impossible to make out/see…very blurry.

    So I can play with no changes with poor color, but good sharpness or I can jack the color/contrast up, but lose the ability to read/see the small text.

    Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

    -Thank You

  13. I think that the game still exist but in a other form and a another publisher has a licens whitch i do not know.

  14. You can do a two point conversion by selecting an option other than "Free: Extra Point"

  15. NFL Blitz an all time classic arcade. I went Grand Champion on all the NFL Blitz Series on Arcade. #RealLife

  16. Is there any place to find the test footage of the original NFL Blitz before the league told them to scale back the excessive violence?

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