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Midway’s Classic Revolution X Aerosmith Arcade Game Video 1

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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This is REVOLUTION X the hilarious, classic shooting arcade game! Check out video 2 here :

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  1. It's crazy to have an arcade game featuring Aerosmith where you start a revolution by using music, love and peace? No… BY FUCKING MURDERING EVERYONE!

  2. I think the storyline is pretty kick ass myself….

  3. Some mother did have them…already, Frankie say Spence Her..haha

  4. Supposedly this was originally going to be a Jurassic Park game but SEGA beat Midawy to it to getting the license rights,

  5. Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I bought a 2 slot NEO GEO Red cabinet from you guys about 2 years ago I believe.  I just wanted to let you know that everything has been running great and was in great condition when I bought it.  I'm in Myrtle Beach but if I ever get back to Rock Hill I will be sure to stop by

  6. Yeh, Kerri Hoskins so hot and Steven Tyler came from as a judge from American Idol.

  7. I remember my grandma taking me to the arcade as a kid and playing this all day. Awesome to finally figure out what the hell it was, I really can't believe it was an Aerosmith game!

  8. I played the arcade machine fot almolst 5 years old for the first time i like chessy story line even the console wars looks different too

  9. I played a 3-player one at a local arcade quite some years back.

  10. It was black man I have a original how did you fix it?

  11. Man I want one. I remember playing this glad I was able to catch the last end of the arcade s

  12. Loved this on snes. Wake up the revolution has begun! Generation x is in affect

  13. T2 had a conversion kit for this and it also had one that was from Japan that had areosmith on the side art instead of helga

  14. I remember the pizza shop I hung out at after school got this in next to Fighting Vipers 2 which I had already mastered. One guy who was there all the time came in with a 20, got 2 rolls of quarters and put one behind each gun. We played straight through this game. The good ol days…

  15. Love game..are you able to see everyone from ur pedestal sir?

  16. I remember playing this game when I was 11-12 years old at a bowling alley and I thought it seemed cool when I first took a look at it. So I popped in $0.50 and gave it a go. The sight of seeing Aerosmith on stage while rocking out to "Eat the Rich" and annihilating countless gas masked NON Boys stuck with me to this day along with the gorgeous Keri Hoskins as Mistress Helga. I managed to beat the game 100% a few times and I had the Sega Genesis home port which was trash. Side note my favorite enemy in the game was the Skate Troopers

  17. Drunk..again? Hey..Kennedy cirbr. Quarter under the seat for the old Cougar and GZbH?
    Those threats to the A President, eh. Dunlop retreaded?
    Rub her Soul.

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