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Midway’s classic MORTAL KOMBAT Arcade Game – Artwork, Overview, Cabinet Design.. Gameplay Video

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This is Midway’s origianal Mortal Kombat arcade game, straight out of your favorite arcade nearly 25 years ago! We shot a video showing the artwork, cabinet design, and some gameplay footage of this Killer classic. You can see all our games we have available right now at !

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  1. How much does an arcade machine like that cost?

  2. Joe i think you would be surprised at how many of us could relate to being mildly "scared" as you say (or mortified) the first time we saw the fatalities. Kano's especially scared me. I was 12-years-old so it was, admittedly a more innocent time, but Its funny now thinking about it because the graphics now are far more vivid and realistic and its still like no big deal. By the way, i was pullin' for you on that last "pit stage" you played vs Raiden! You got a flawless on round 1 and if you got a 2nd flawless on the 2nd of that stage then you would have unlocked the secret fight with reptile (the green ninja). He's hard to beat because he moves faster and has all of scorpion and sub-zero's moves, but you get 10 million points if you can beat him! Anyways, great presentation as always! 🤘

  3. I don't play the games anymore but still like the cartoons and movies.

  4. All fatalities
    JC forward forward forward HP
    Kano back down forward LP
    Raiden forward back back back HP
    Liu kang block rotate joystick
    Scorpion up up
    Sub zero forward down forward HP
    Sonya forward forward back back block

  5. Kang + Cage = Bruce Lee

    The Movie was pretty much Enter Dragon with better fx

  6. nice i own an artisanal cabinet with pandora box i send to create mk1 stikers

  7. I just ordered this on sega genesis an the 2nd one

  8. Hi. What is the difference between control panel with button descriptions and characters ?

  9. The arcade graphics were never replicated on snes and genesis nor playstation. Wonder why

  10. Lots of quarters dumped into this beast back in the day. Probably my all time favorite arcade game.

  11. Oof.. Shame about the sun fading on the artwork.. That was always such a striking cabinet..
    Another childhood favorite, though admittedly I played it on SNES first before any of the arcades near me actually got one for some reason.

  12. Man, i've seen this one a couple of times here in Argentina. Glad to see that you are taking it back from the dead.

  13. Did all of these MK1 side arts fade from the sun? I don't remember them looking so washed out and colorless. I remember them being bright and largely red. Edit: He just talked about this lol. I thought I was going crazy.

  14. hey nice cab . it still has the looks. faded art mirrors life, we fade too as we grow older

  15. Bruh I have nostalgia for mk2 even though I’m 11 I’d love to play the original arcade cabinet where it shows all the special moves of the characters

  16. Where do you get your arcade machines do you buy it from other stores or do you get them online or in trade deals or something

  17. Do you have a Pandora's Box? This was one of the games that the Arcade Console would have .

  18. Dude I have one of the OG mortal kombat cabinets at my house it was my dads he bought it from the mall it used to be in and when he was a kid he played so much he just bought it before the place closed and it’s almost perfect condition except for I need to fix the power cable but it’s so cool I have mortal kombat one for free at any time I’ve spent many hours on it and my dad and uncles initials are in the top ten on it😎

  19. one thing you not notice that this johnny cage is suppose to be a asian just like liu kang but dont understood why midway change it to a hollywood white guy. it just doesnt seem right

  20. I played this back in the days in arcades after school i was all day in arcades playing this

  21. I was scared of this game in the arcades and also mk3 scared me

  22. I got a roll of quarters, skipped my college classes all day, went to the dirt mall where I lived and played this game all day.

  23. Any chance this fantastic as gift to me?
    @14ofFebruary,my birthday?

    Played Part2 first @Trocadero-SEGA Center(London).
    The sound and magic of it,I willl never forget forever.

  24. Man the sounds on this game were intimidating as a kid 😂 I freaking love this game! I can’t get into the newer mk games they just don’t do it for me but mk1-3 is the best for me.

  25. Wasn't there One Before This One 🤔???
    This is Not the Original…

  26. I burned through $10 dollar rolls of quarters in this game every Saturday for many years.

  27. There was like 2 or 3 guys that would just dominate and know all the moves as well as all the fatalities and they would be just beating the hell out of the would be combatants and there would be a group watching them do this. The arcade was a phenomenon

  28. i wasn't part of the old gen but i started playing mk9 and fell in love with the series and for christmas got a sega genesis (with games on it already) with mk 1-3 and was just in awe the whole time

  29. I know I’m 6 years late to this video. But this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Have you seen the latest Mortal Kombat and its DLC Aftermath story mode?
    If so, what ending do you think is canon and who do you think will be in MK12? Who would you want in MK12?

  31. Good old days before. It was a pay to win system pure greed now

  32. Mk was the crowd hangout in the mall.. Man oh man i missed the 90's. That machine drew new attention and from other machines.

  33. 0:30. Mortal Kombat 2, to be precise, oh no it isn't, looked like it with all the red, part 2 cabinet is red too

  34. 2:09 Jonny cage wearing no socks, he must of got mega toe jam,. Maybe they put all their names into a hat to decide who gets to be on the cabinet, I would of squeezed goro,kintaro,motaro,shang tsung, and shao Kahn on the cabinet

  35. 6:44 can the difficulty of this machine or any video game machines be wound up? I remember playing this it was very hard, maybe the Chinese takeaway bar owner had it wound up

  36. 11:40 your alot better at this game than any of the other older games, probably because your were older when this game came out, I was 16 when this game came out, we used to play it in the takeaway bar and in the arcades but mostly we hired the Sega mega drive out from the video store and learnt all the fatalities and combos, on all the mortal Kombat games

  37. Good souvenirs! I am from 1980. I always hated all the other Mortal Kombats after this one. What made me love this game was 1)The powerful bass sound when you hit a character. 2) The huge uppercuts causing massive loss of blood. 3)The Scopion spike in people's throat, this was freaking amazing! 4)The photo-realistic characters, sooo cool. and finally…….the crazy finishing stuff, I just could not believe my eyes the first time I saw sub Zero decapitating a guy…wow! But honestly……it was a sick game and the newest ones are just too sick and I don;t think they should allow this to be out. I noticed that It was making me violent as a kid…….so today as a dad, I stop my kids from going anywhere near such games!

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