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Midway’s 1980 Pac-Man Arcade Game – NOT destroyed or sawed in half!

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We fixed up this original yellow dedicated Pac-Man for our friend Trevor, and filmed a video of it for you. What a cool game!

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  1. I really love your videos, you are doing history a great service by documenting these wonderful machine. I do wish you had a better camera/lighting though, there's so much detail we aren't seeing when you show the insides. I know these things are expensive and your channel is small – I would be willing to donate to a gunfundme should you choose to start one. Lots of great used cameras should be available since youtubers just have to have the latest technology.

  2. 伝説ゲーム、パックマン!ホラーみたいな ゲームですね。

  3. WOW !!!

    That is a real collectors item.

    Back in 81 / 82, arcades were brand new and this was one of the games, sometimes an arcade would have 2 or 3 of these, and Asteroids and Galaga and Galaxian.
    I remember Centipede as well

    God, I miss the early 80s

    Such a magic time

    Multiplex movies and Arcades and shopping malls, food courts, all brand new

    What a time to live through

    Electronics were just coming in

    Radio boom boxes

    Cassette player

    Vacuum display and the first LEDs

    Scanners the first digital scanners and 2-way radios

    Personal computer IBM the first real computer XT

    Such an amazing time

    Watching tube TVs phase out

    The LCD TVs replacing tube TVs and satellite digital TV was a big watershed

    I miss my 12 foot C-band dish

    The TV was so fuzzy in the 70s and 80s, and C-band satellite was so clear, it was incredible to have a C-band dish circa 1980

    They had a spin dial originally and then Uniden made the digital Receiver and that was amazing

    And everything was in the clear, no encryption

    Those were the days

    God I miss those days

  4. Hi Joe ! I did a shortfilm called "Pac-Man vs. Coronavirus [ENGLISH]"
    Your channel was really helpful to make it. You are in the end credits. All the best and take care 🙂

  5. This is it, the game that created the fire hydrant spawning, fruit throwing, trampoline bouncing, pac-dot muncher from Super Smash Bros!

  6. I wonder who that handsome fellow running in the ghost infested maze is. He sure does love to eat.

  7. Oh so they're monsters… not ghosts. I guess somehow someone mistook them for ghosts.

  8. I play the app on my phone and it's the same thing

  9. he is saying that he is bad at pac-man he got 18510 how is that bad?

  10. This is the original king of all video games before Mario and Donkey Kong

  11. Do NOT allow What's Inside 500 ft around your house or store

  12. Me Pac-Man was the result of a deal midway made with a company called General Computer Corporation that was making mod kits for missile command and Pac-Man. The missile commmand mod turned it into Super Missile Attack and the Pac-Man mod kit turned it into “Crazy Otto”. Midway tried to sue them but ended up making a deal with them so the company changed their Otto character into Ms. Pac-Man. The test of the mods remained pretty much the same (different mazes, colors, walking fruits and new animated intermissions) and that’s what became Ms Pac-Man. That’s why if you take the board out of a Ms Pac-Man it’s just a Pac-Man pcb with a rom mod daughter board attached to it.

  13. People didn't care about pacman because pacman wasn't hot like ms. Pacman. 😊

  14. What a lovley machine and in so nice condition too! Thank you for sharing

  15. At 12 Min, 38 seconds, you see the count of 36612 (Quarter Dollar) X 0.25 = $9153. Not bad for a lightly used Pac-Man.

  16. Really love the channel! Watching all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. I'm always curious about the electronics in these ol' timers, and love your repair sections. Keep it up lads – you're keeping me sane!

  17. I always loved this game and still do. In Girard Ohio there were a couple restaurants at that time where they had a Pac-Man machine and used to play it quite a bit. If I was able to; I would definitely own one of these Pac-Man machines. I wonder how many originals are still floating around out of curiosity. That includes good to non-functioning. Watching these videos, especially the repair ones are getting me interested in learning how to fix one of these machines. Its basically a giant computer programmed for one specific game after seeing the insides on these videos. Cedar Point was another place I played Pac-Man. A lot of those games had very high hours and a lot of use so the monitors were not as clear but they were still playable unless the monitor was severely malfunctioning. I always imagined having these game monitors multi-purpose; meaning that instead of just having the dedicated game image; modify them so they can feed regular video signals so that actual videos like movies or TV shows can play through the monitor and audio section; just by installing a switch to change the function. :))


  19. I shudder to think the amount of coins I blew through playing this arcade game as a kid in the early 80s. LOL. I also played Donkey Kong like a fiend.

  20. Thanks for sharing this look at an awesome bit of history! 🙂

  21. there are some weird pacman clones in mame like coco loco is a spanish pacman clone where you start with 2 credits and you press a button to speed pacman up it also features different music and looks different. another weird one is called unknown pacman gambling game in mame it features somewhat creepy graphics and bleeping sound effects it also features a hidden gambling game in it nobody knows who made it or where it came from but there is a space invaders gambling game also emulated which uses some of the same graphics.

  22. Why does Pac-Man originally was drawn differently from the game?

  23. I just got one of those for Christmas

  24. Did you find the pepper 2 game it’s okay if you didnt

  25. Just realized all these pacman online games are way easier than the original arcade game

  26. How much fun is this guy having, love it 👍🏻

  27. How much does it cost? And where can you buy it?

  28. this game proves one thing. you don't need phenomenal graphics, you just need a great idea and well engineered sounds.

  29. I always call the speed chip the speedocide chip, I don’t know why it just works.

  30. A roll of quarters & pitcher(s) of beer, pacman cocktail machine. NOW I know why we were such good friends with the pub owner! He did always seem to 'enjoy our company'.

  31. I'd like to think the stars aligned to pair that monitor with that cabinet

  32. Ply wood? I would've thought these cabinets were made of press-glued layered ply wood, what they sometimes call composite. Although, composite might be the reconstituted wood made of wood pulp and glue.

  33. I found out they might be an early version of Pacman (Puckman) it actually came out Oct 79 in Japan.

  34. It’s funny how you said not destroy or sawed in half because I saw that video called “what’s inside an arcade game” by what’s inside the YouTube channel but still. I don’t know why they would destroy something that is a piece of history and expensive they could have just give it to somebody who always wanted it. Like seriously I would have eaten a power pellet and wakka wakka them.

  35. I remember about 15 years ago one from NAMCO was being sold for $300 and was in perfect condition. I should have grabbed it. Now I want to kick my own ass 😀

  36. there was a book about video games out back then in the 80s that showed board patterns and tricks to play Pac-Man. I forget what the name of the book was.

  37. Here from Billy buys Brooklyn. My first video game aged 4 on an Atari 2600 (original wood panel version)too young for arcades then… hooked.. great video…never mastered the fake out delay myself then! Nice play 👌

  38. I have one of these that I've had since 1994. Mine is original too, but it is not as beautiful that one. Mine is well used and the paint is worn where lots of people held on to the cabinet while playing. I saved it from being converted to Ms. Pac-Man and got it for $300. I added a Two-Bits daughter board that allowed it to play several versions of Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man, but can remove that board and pop the original ROM back in and it'll be back to original. I did re-cap the monitor several years ago, because the screen image was bending around the edges. I didn't know about the flyback transformer and did not replace it at the time. It is funny that you mention the T-molding as mine is yellow, but you can tell it is orange underneath. Fantastic showing of this amazing classic.

  39. The sights the sounds wow that put me straight back to the arcade and it's associated memories .

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