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Midway & Nintendo’s Awesome Cruis’n USA Arcade Game! Cabinet overview, artwork, gameplay!

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One of the sweetest games of all time, Midway & Nintendo’s “Cruis’n USA” ! We got this great game tuned up and running great, so thought we would take a video of it showing off the artwork, cabinet design, and some gameplay. What a great game! You can see all our other machines at .

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  1. This game Cruis'n USA (1994), Cruis'n World (1996), San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing (1996), Off Road Challenge (1997), Hyperdrive (1998) Cruis'n Exotica (1999), Offroad Thunder (1999), and Cart Fury (2000) all used the same basic model cabinets.

  2. I didn't realize how lucky I was until I was much older that my grandpa had two arcade cabinets in his basement. This one, and a one where you were like cyber-cops who got mech-suits with mega-man style arm cannons.

  3. How do you find the hidden staff credits during the attract mode?

  4. Just got two connected together…. seats adjustment is bad (typical). I remember it being that way in arcades too lol. I wish you had a vid on how you fixed the seat lol.

  5. Fun fact: The trophy girl in the bikini is a pornstar.

  6. It was supposed to come out for the Nintendo ultra 64 which it never happened because they changed the branding to just Nintendo 64

  7. I love these old Midway racing games, the Cruis'n series were always my favorite.

  8. My early childhood, forza before forza existed

  9. Coming to your home in 1995 only on Nintendo Ultra 64

  10. I loved this game so much as a kid that I bought the arcade cabinet when I became an adult 🙂

  11. Here in Illinois there are so many Cruis'n Usa's and it's insane.
    (since Midway is in Illinois along with about every other arcade game manufacturer that's not in Japan)

  12. "It always happens right at the finish line." You mean having your racing game driving license revoked because you crash too much? 🙂 Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere comes the Midway cops! Wiii U Wiiiii U Wiii U.

  13. Fun fact: this game came out after killer instinct

  14. Im getting Cruisn World on Tuesday! Im so excited! Dont get me wrong Cruisn USA is good game but i gre up playing Cruisn World. Nice Video. Nostalgia at its finest!

  15. What about sonic the hedgehog

  16. Is it all right to leave them running all the time or is it best to turn them off

  17. how can i fix mine has a line on the screen

  18. Mortal Kombat put Midway in the stratosphere but I loved their racing games more than anything else in the 90's! These Crusin games, Offroad Thunder, San Francisco Rush and Hydro and Arctic Thunder were a lot of fun!

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