Mat Mania Arcade Game! Cabinet artwork, gameplay, fun 80's wrestling game -

Mat Mania Arcade Game! Cabinet artwork, gameplay, fun 80’s wrestling game

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We got in a cool mid 80’s “Mat Mania” arcade game. Such cheesy fun, pretty addictive game. This was a game Taito licensed to Memetron and had the same pinout as Tag Team Wrestling, and Mania Challenge. See all our games for sale at !


  1. I played this everyday cuttin school it was ez

  2. What happened to cocos head in the marquee? Hope they didnt take out Time Pilot for this game. Looks fun

  3. absolutely loved this game when I was a kid!!

  4. Great video! Brought back memories, coco used to beat me up all the time, thanks for posting.

  5. the one in our town had 2 joy sticks , 2 person was against each other

  6. I spent soooooo many hours playing this with my buddies at the corner store. I put every quarter I could get my hands on into this machine. I was eventually able to play straight on through the champ, ( Golden Hulk? ) so I got my quarter's worth. lol
    ( Co – Co Savage was a beast! )

  7. Anyone know what kind of joystick was used for this game?

  8. Do you have any wrestling arcade machines for sale and how much?

  9. "Taito Wrestling Association"…, did they rip off the Trans World Airlines logo? 😀

  10. I had to wait a whole year for the fair to come to town to play this. It was worth it though👍

  11. Best wrestling arcade game ever in my opinion. Mania Challenge is #2.

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