Mario Multiverse - 1 Level for All Game Styles! {#10} -

Mario Multiverse – 1 Level for All Game Styles! {#10}

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Mario Multiverse – 1 Level for All Game Styles! {#10}
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Mario Multiverse is a fan game a lot like Super Mario Maker 1 & 2. It’s currently in a closed beta and the beta server is full. Sadly there is no download or way to play the game yet. I’ll make an announcement when the beta is open to all, or when the game has a public release. Thanks for watching! -Darby

🎨 Thumbnail by: Kurtis Black

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  1. I have madio multiverse but old version I wish I have a new version

  2. Such a great video!
    It's cool to see what you can do in mario multiverse

  3. Happy new year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. That Celeste level was very good. You should play Celeste sometime it’s a very good game and one of favorites.

  5. you dont throw barrels you throw hammers! yeah thats right, its hammer kirbyyyyyyyyyyyy wait…

    Read More

    mario's copying kirby D:<

  6. my fav level is kirby level and that celeste level or maybe the angry koopas

  7. rip greg (is dead) 11:40
    glad your doing another video of mario multiverse :DD

  8. you were a lil late when you posted this vid on ur server,i was about to go to sleep,and it was almost literally 11 pm,and i sleep at the guest house at 10 pm,so this was a lil weird,but glad im able to still watch this after i sleeped

  9. at the end of the mario 3 level there was ron a fnf mod character

  10. This video has the best set of levels of all 10 episodes so far. I've watched the first half of the video and gonna watch the second one later😄 I am curious if the levels still gonna be this good in half 2✌🏻

    Edit: The 2nd half was awesome too!

  11. Hey Lair, if you’re reading this… Darby skipped every single big coin in this video. He also said “collecting big coins is dumb, just like Lair’s face”. You should tell him off!!!

  12. ROSETTA Gameplay ~bridging English & Japanese~ says:

    I'm SNES generation, however, I love all Marios from multiverse in this great video!

  13. Maybe yoshi riding yoshi is just
    A way to play (as yoshi/in a yoshi custome) but have the yoshi moveset!
    Which means the yoshi riding yoshi is a singular entity born by the limitations of this game!
    (such a creative way btw i appreciate it!)
    Always look at the (bright/less cruel) side

    Btw the yoshi riding yoshi is a baby yoshi riding another adult esque yoshi, wouldn't you you do the same thing for the sake of…… Idk, your little sibling?
    Your child? Your nephew? -having fun?
    I would.

  14. Blue television game yoshi island 😔 still waiting….. 😢

  15. i really enjoy ur mario multiverse videos , i always love to see how people can get creative with their levels

  16. Can we appreciate that BTG edited almost a HOUR for us

  17. 43:12 You better watch out, you better not cry
    You better not pout, I'm telling you why;
    Hammer Bros will cause you to die

  18. You forgot to add this to you "Recent Videos" Playlist

  19. NoahTheHedgehog Animations and Gaming says:

    Yay I love this series

  20. One of my fav series! Happy new year Darby! I said it in the stream in Tues but chat gets a bit crazy so I think it was missed

  21. Celeste is not a mario game but its really cool

  22. this was feeling like a super expert run.

  23. Really like these videos, Mario Multiverse actually looks really fun. I never got into the later Mario games, I loved the classics better though the only one I beat by myself without help was Super Mario Bros 2.. I watched a lot of them played by my brother as I grew up… minus the later games.. mostly all on the NES and SNES

  24. "You can stand on the left side of the pit… YOU'RE DEAD NOW *bomb blow you up*"… BEST TROLL line. 🤭😅😂🤣

  25. First two marios in the thumbnail look cursed

  26. Why is there a a wet floor sign were theres that thing that makes you bounce

  27. #mariomultiverse Very creative and interesting game (with cool designed levels, great #fun, funny moments and gameplay too), Darby. I am very enjoyed (with waiting for more episodes and I like a Celestial levels), our BTG dude ever. #mybirthday I am very grateful for the birthday gift, our friend. I appreciate this gesture and thanks for new great videos.

  28. Happy New Year Darby! (Tell Lair too if you see him! I know he's busy) Welcome to 2022, I hit the notification bell and never miss a video now. Not a bad Wario at all, I do a decent one myself, I practice with Radnom Encounters' The Wario Rap. Works well

  29. chu gotta play Celeste man, it's great fun, and when you actually beat levels, it's real fulfilling

  30. also for the sml2 that guy was saying: christmas is about little suprises for your loved ones"

    well… thats what it said

  31. I call those things disco waffle balls is well

  32. Really cool levels, love the new design options they've added. GG Darby.

  33. I need an hour's worth of Mario Multiverse in my life right now. Thanks D!

  34. The superball theme during the angry birds level as just perfect

  35. Hi BTG, It’s been a while sense I watched one of your videos! Thank you for days of entertaining videos!! 👍

    Also, about two years ago you replied to one of my comments which made my day, Thank you 🙏 ♥️

  36. Which level is your favorite in this episode?

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