Madden NFL Football Arcade Game - HUGE 4 Player Dedicated Cabinet -

Madden NFL Football Arcade Game – HUGE 4 Player Dedicated Cabinet

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We got in this cool Madden NFL game and filmed a video of it ofr you. Enjoy!

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  1. In 2003 ❤ of Madden NFL 2004 version

  2. wow, one of many EA insane decision making when come to games. didn't even know they put out an arcade version of madden NFL. 

    Madden was already on console at the time and the idea of a arcade version was not a wise move since arcade was DOA. they either must have picked the weakest test locations to test them and lied about the earning results or they must have ran in some luck with the test location but did a crummy job promoting the machine. what so stupid, is that is they arcade games after the 90's are a hard sell since most arcades were moving towards family friendly casino style games aka tickets/redemption games.

  3. Seems like the only successful arcade football game ever made is NFL Blitz, others before and after it didnt do so well. (If im not mistake there was an arcade version of Temco Bowl at one point)

  4. Blitz was my jam tat and nba hangtime and showtime

  5. Chief Joe S. Wiggum In Donuts We Trust says:


    | 😂
    || Q


  6. Madden SUCKS!!!!!!!! Bring BACK NFL 2K!!!!!!!

  7. Just had one of these beasts through the shop. Had monitor and p.c. issues.

  8. If anyone has Madden on Arcade, find us on Facebook;

    Madden Football by Global VR & EA sports Owners Page

  9. I used to play this in one of my favorite places to eat, I enjoyed it.

  10. I don't find the Madden console games even remotely fun. Blitz was fun because anyone could walk up and play it. They didn't have to be a football nut. I've seen this monster once or twice but never tried it.

  11. Just found out this existed. Thanks for the info. Great video. I'm Not looking to buy but how often you get original tmnt arcade cabinets?

  12. What do these maddens sell for ?

    I would like to pick up a madden season 2 and PGA tour golf. So hard to find though.

  13. This is a rare arcade game but there is a NASCAR Arcade game by SEGA with the EA license

  14. Crazy question but do you still have that cabinet? I been looking for one to buy

  15. Nice fake punt on 4th and 13 for a 71yd TD pass on the first possession of the game. You don't see that too often.

  16. They probably would’ve made more money if they made a NFL Street Arcade.

  17. I played it back in 2005 at C.R England Trucking School Utah Arcade Room and I received a credit card that kept stats and scores

  18. Enjoy watching your channel! What does a Two Player (Global VR) Madden Season 2 mint condition price for? Thank you.

  19. This seems like a ps2 game .. waste of money to buy

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