Luigi's Mansion Arcade - Full Game Playthrough -

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade – Full Game Playthrough

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A longplay for Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, released in 2015 by Nintendo and Capcom.

The game is based off Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon, which makes sense considering that came out 2 years prior. It features the same ghosts and locations and even some ScareScraper exclusive ghosts later in the game, which I think is really cool.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Luigi moves automatically whereas the player controls the Poltergust 5000, which can be used to obtain treasures and defeat ghosts.

The game is notably pretty difficult, giving the player only 2 hearts. This makes sense considering it’s an Arcade game though.

The game even features unique boss fights, although it uses the same bosses from LM2.

There are 3 levels in this game:
Gloomy Manor: The starting mansion. It’s the only mansion that let’s you pick a path. The boss is “The Brain” ghost in the Piano Room.

Old Clockworks: The 2nd level in the game. The bosses are “the three sisters”, who oddly enough appear in Haunted Towers in the 3DS game.

Treacherous Mansion: The final level and King Boo’s home. Here you’ll fight some unique ghosts…and that’s basically it. No puzzles really. At the end you fight King Boo who is pretty fun tbh.


  1. How do I fix the resolution problem in this game? It won't let me pass the 1st 2 ghosts for some reason.

  2. Luigi's Mansion as an FPS (First-Person Sucker)👻

  3. The strobe bomb I wonder why that doesn’t exist in the other games.

  4. I also think the final battle is more fun than the Luigis mansion dark moon one.

  5. I went to game a busters and paid for a vr ride for my friend and me, then turned around and played this and it ended up being better

  6. I wish this was AT LEAST on Wii U. Or PLEASE ON SWITCH!

  7. Usually in Luigi's Mansion, sucking up multiple ghosts sometimes gives hearts, so the only way to stay alive is to be good.
    But not having hearts and expecting players to be 90% perfect at the game or expecting them to pay to continue is use a dick move.

  8. Charge up the strobulb longer, flash and catch multiple ghosts at once.

  9. I found this in a French arcade once

  10. hey guys for my birhtday if covid ends my dad will take me to Dave and Busters and ima kick some ghost ass!

  11. I remember playing this with a friend of mine at a Dave n Buster's. Fun time, but the Poltergust peripheral hurt my hands after it was over.

  12. I love how when Mario finishes a game he stuffs his face with cake or something. But when Luigi finishes a game he just takes a nap.

  13. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon but:

    1. There's only 3 Mansions to explore.
    2. The Mansions are short.
    3. You move automatically slow.
    4. The boss ghosts are in the wrong places.
    5. The boss ghosts and King Boo getting sucked into the Poltergust 5000 looks terrifying.
    6. You can use the Strobulb on King BOO.

  14. For anyone wondering how it works, think “The House of the Dead” but Luigi’s Mansion.

  15. I got 204th in this game today im happy 😀

  16. this is dark moon but in first person

  17. Wow, Luigi's Mansion Arcade. I Know How This Game.

  18. I remember playing It but…It was a little different.

  19. I played this with my dad in an arcade at Japan once, we sucked

  20. I just went to the arcade and played this

  21. I went to dave and busters yesterday too bad this machine wasnt there

  22. Yo, I played this Arcade game a few days ago! I felt so happy to find this in an arcade building.

  23. The strangest thing is that there are machines for this game in Brazil (I played and died like a noob)

  24. Okay the locations and entrances are in the WRONG locations. When you reach the foyer and go left, you go into a hallway. Not outside.

  25. Ok when I would be by myself I would go to an arcade and play this nonstop

  26. Man, this brings back memories, that Fat Yellow Ghost in the Gear Chamber scared the shit out of me, I remember summer 2014, being at Dave n, buster and always begging my mom for another round, I was at least 10 at time. I spent all of my birthday money on this game, god watching this makes me miss my old life.

  27. I love playing this game in the arcade, but this game doesnt seem to be designed to be beatable in 1 play through.

  28. 4:50 Yeesh, that'll be hard to complete a level or game WITHOUT using continues.

  29. Very Optimized! The games makes us not go through the pain that we went through in the real game,
    Very good game! =D

  30. This is like playing Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon!

  31. This game is so awesome

  32. capcom actually did a great job on this game

  33. Why when Luigi sucks things up I hear fv€c yeah, only me?

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