LEXI's 15th Birthday Mission: Knockout the Aunt! (FV Family Boxing Vlog) - video-games-arcade.com

LEXI’s 15th Birthday Mission: Knockout the Aunt! (FV Family Boxing Vlog)

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Well Lexi’s Bday started off with boxing and ending with boxing. Hope you enjoy a look at her special day! ✨SUBSCRIBE to Wish Lexi a Happy Birthday ➥
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  1. Can we get a round of a plas that Duddy actually edit every thing I kinda feel bad for him

  2. I couldn't breath when Shawn fastly tuck the tape of lol

  3. when shawn started to tape duddy's face i was laffing hard!!

  4. • ᗩ•א•ᖙ•ᖇ•ᙓ•ᗩ• シ says:

    The people who dislike are just jealous bro

  5. Mr beast happy birthday


  6. I know this is lexi's bday but woah last time i saw shawn he was still abt 2 yrs old

  7. FG TV dad thank you for the video what you sent me

  8. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Lex happy birthday to you

  9. Happy birthday and hope you have a great day or night 🙂

  10. AND LITERALLY IN JULY 3 ITS MY CUSINS BIRTHDAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I heard those squeals all the from Europe!

  12. And can anyone explain to me why no money by galantis reminds me of their old videos

  13. lj and ethany lj nangka ethany faith says:

    Next up chase): they are growing so fast than I thought also I'm about to be 10 in August 30 so me and chase are born at 2011

  14. I like the part when shawn ripped funnel dad's beards

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