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Level One Arcade Bar Adventures! Amazon Prime Scam? Arcade News! What Games Are We Playing?

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It’s Monday! I HATE Mondays! Let’s make this Monday a little better and have an I Hate Mondays Podcast Show! On Tonight’s Livestream I wanna know what games you are playing and I’ll be sharing the same – Arcades, Consoles, What’s waitingfor you to Press Start? Also, for Father’s Day the Family and I visited the Level One Arcade Bar in Gilbert Arizona and we’ll discuss my adventures there – are Arcades Back or did Covid win? Amazon Prime Day has started – and so have the scams! Arcade & Gaming News as always for AtGames, iiRcade, and Arcade1Up!

0:00 Countdown
2:30 Intro
4:13 Amazon Prime Scam?
9:45 Level One Arcade Bar Adventures
27:47 AtGames Chat
41:00 Final Thoughts
46:00 Outro



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  1. We ran short on time so my apologies we didn't get to touch on some topics but there's always the next one!

  2. arcade 1up needs a mario bros cabinet,, i miss going to the game room and getting tokens & heading to the Samurai Showdown & Mortal Kombat 2 machines

  3. I ordered that indoor Blink camera through Alexa for $14.99. Then I ordered a second one right after online and it says "$9.99 Lightning Deal!" ….so go figure.

  4. Sorry I missed this live but I just watched WWE Raw Nikki Cross as Mighty Molly character w/ Alexa Bliss in a tag match vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler ….
    so ….sorry but am watching now …

  5. Missed the live stream but watching now and that Barcade looks awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. PDubs did you try the Guns and Roses table out? I was wondering how it played. Wanted one but way too expensive.

  7. Thanks for the plugs PDubs. I look up to you and others on YouTube. You guys and gals make it fun for the audience and bring news to the masses. Thank you for everything you do for the community!!!

  8. Oh man.. I never would have left that place. Great bar pdubs!

  9. Another great steam. Hope your mom and dog are doing well.

  10. Uh oh. Thinking of real cabs. Danger! Danger! Ha

  11. That place looks neat. I like the camera and screens but now everyone can see how bad I am.
    We went to a pinball arcade in lafyatee Indiana and they used tokens but you could also pay with an app and it cost less if you used the app it was awesome.
    It's neat seeing place modernize the experience. We dscovered our favorite pinball is Rick and Morty. That machine literally shakes the floor.

  12. Came here for E3 2022 prediction content.

  13. I would love to have an Off-road cabinet. Interesting to see how many of the arcade cabinets Arcade1up has already produced.

  14. I've found that if you keep viewing a product on Amazon, it goes up in price, as though it knows its got your interest.

  15. Housing gone mad in the UK as well buddy. I'm thinking garage then large shed 😁.

  16. Come on just admit that you are a creeper and a worker Lol and yeah finally an actual big blue cabinet just goes to show how much of a piece of shzi the arcade one up looks like . And leave it to at games to actually care about their customers unlike arcade one up that doesn't give anything away for free Is the exception of a deck protector that you had to request to begin with Arcades suck up

  17. Great show PDubs. I am going on a pilgrimage to Houston to go to The Game Preserve. It is an amazing arcade. Top notch. Louisiana is a dead zone for arcades. I had to make my own. lol We have a Dave and Busters but that is not a retro arcade and my wife can not stand that place.

  18. Pdubs… I'm a Real Estate Broker in California. You're doing the right thing. It's all the people leaving California. Sorry!

  19. PDubs! Could you please check and see when the Gottlieb tables devs are going to update the ball from 16 bit to 32 bit? Seriously, it looks more Sega Genesis the more I look at it. Reminds me of the Motley Crew pinball game on Genesis- SEGAAA!!. It should not take more than a few hours tops to fix that. Another few hours to test and then upload to AtGames firmware/software repository…. Speculating their database management there of course. Added: Actually I just played Crue Ball and the ball looks better than the Gottlieb tables. So perhaps the Gottliebs are 8 bit….

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