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Let’s Repair & Save This 1980 Atari Centipede Arcade Game!

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  1. Was the original artwork just spray painted over. Ive restored a mortal kombat 3 and tempest with just a good gallon of acetone to reveal the artwork

  2. HELL. YES. This was the first arcade game I ever played. I'd bug my mom for quarters so I could play while we were doing laundry at the laundromat. Was around 1995 or so.

  3. When it goes out of focus like that, It's exactly how it looked to me when I was playing this as a kid. I hadn't been to an eye doctor yet so I had no idea I needed glasses. Imagine my surprise when I learn all those little sprites had details like legs and eyes

  4. Man, I loved Centipede! I remember scoring a whopping 35,500-ish and being damned proud of it! Machine looks great, Ron, wish I was closer to come get it. I later became addicted to millipede, but that’s a story for another day.

  5. I have a modded XBOX with a few thousand old arcade games, not sure if this is a standard image that can be loaded, but one of the things I noticed was that I can't play the games that needed a trackball, because the XBOX doesn't have anything except their standard controllers.

    I have the USB adapter, that allows me to plug in a USB stick into the connector where the controller would normally go, but I don't know if a generic USB trackball would work on an XBOX

    I think it would need drivers to allow the input from the trackball to feed to the game.

  6. As house of the rising sun plays in the background.

  7. You didn't beat your "warm up " ouch ! 😂😂👍

  8. 2 weeks ago, my wife and I were using an electric heat gun whilst applying some printed vinyl to a friends camper van (using heat to stretch the vinyl around corners etc). That interestingly shaped grill on the heat guns nozzle is now permanently branded onto my arm because I leaned towards the wife whilst she held the gun. Looks like a BBQ grill tattooed on my arm..!! Ouch!! (I may have used some colourful language at the time…)

  9. The heat gun looks like a hairdryer.
    But I am pretty sure that using it as a hairdryer would be a bad idea.

  10. Hey Ron – Another great video! I don't like to support Jeff Bee-zawz but if I ever DID get something from Amazon I think i might be tempted to send you some kind of cleaner to wipe off that multi-meter! You must have something like 20 years worth of grime on there! Thanks again for another info-taining video and please keep them coming. 🙂

  11. I wouldn't say close enough for government work.
    Because government work is done half ass.

  12. My golly gee willikers Mr. You sure are smart!

  13. I love me the Atari stuff Ron…cabinet turned out nice! BTW, what's that console in the display cabinet? Looks like a really old 4-player pong machine of some sort?

  14. My Centipede cocktail has the exact same worn spots around the trackball.

  15. Sir, good enough for gov't work Joe! Ron I wish they made a controller trackball its all I'd ever need.

  16. Dang. You are good at Centipede. I never made it that far.

  17. For removing the glue. Peanut butter would work but any type of oil also works. When we were kids we would even use butter to get glue or tar off our hands. Followed by washing with soap or detergent. I saw Jason used some type of solvent. Seemed to work pretty well but it's kind of bad to breathe.

  18. Ron: I won't service a trackball, just replace the whole thing. Also Ron: I'm gonna solder this super fine wire back onto the voice coil of this speaker.

  19. Great job as usual!
    You are right that the ball gets smaller. I’ve found that the rods don’t change much if any, the plastic ball loses. I recently changed to a phenolic cue ball and it made all the difference. Cheap fix.

  20. "Garden scum" 😀 Centipede is such a great game and I suck so hard at playing it (have a cabaret plus an upright at my buddies place). The green t-molding looks really snappy.

  21. at 5.40 pulling off the old overlay it looks like darth vader or is it just my imagination.

  22. Looks beautiful! Those sounds bring back so many memories.

  23. Joe has all those nice games , and you as his personel? He must be a proud shop owner .

  24. I never liked Centipede back in the day…. now I know it was just because I was playing it wrong! Awesome game!!!

  25. Centipede is my favorite – thanks for saving another one. You are making me consider swapping my trackball. I will have to measure my original vs a new trackball I have laying on my bench for a project.. I had not thought the ball may be smaller! The rollers were trash before I rebuilt it. The project may end up with the Centipede one..

  26. I grew up in Florida and became really good friends with the manager of my local Tilt arcade. He had a few games of his own and I would help him place them in various sandwich shops and pizza parlors and told them that we would split the money 50/50. I recall to this day that he had an old Defender cabinet where the motherboard was completely fried. He acquired the board to the original Street Fighter II. It took us about a week to make the necessary modifications to get SF II up and running perfectly. We played until we were sick. We put that game in a local pizza parlor and instead of charging the normal 2 coins to start and 1 to continue, we set it up for 1 coin to start and continue and made a ton of money for the parlor and us.

  27. Another great repair! Thank you for the tip about Phoenix Arcade, I just ordered a new Space invaders Deluxe Control Panel Overlay.

  28. Another great repair and restoration video! I would always head for Centipede in the arcades! You did very well playing it!

  29. I noticed when you had that coin door open and the mechanism removed there was a small bulb? That was flickering like mad float almost like a neon bulb almost what was that bulb was that a separate bulb for something then the illumination bulb on the coin door? Don't know that much about Arcade cabinets just curious what's going on with that or is it just reflected flicker from another it was just a way that the camera was?

  30. I'd be willing to bet this game has the highest yelling and cursing level, ever. Centipede and Millipede.

  31. Another awesome video sir. Keep doing what you do in keeping gaming history alive.

  32. When you’ll do have a board you can’t fix who do you’ll use to fix it?

  33. The white fire buttons which are yellowed due to age can be 'whitened' back to normal by using Bleach. I've done this a few times.

  34. RETRO BRIGHT look up a person called The 8 Bit Guy he is really good at doing retro bright.

  35. Nice game I just got my centipede fully working

  36. this brings back memories of going up to my grandparent's house and they had a Centipede Arcade cabinet in their garage along with a Street Fighter 2 cabinet and me and my brother used to play it a lot since they were always on Freeplay of course

  37. I spent too much money getting good at Centipede when it came out in the early 80s, but after tons of practice I could play for over two hours on 1 quarter. Highest score was 2,284,990. When I achieved this level I could play for at least 30 minutes before dying. I played in a competition in NY and was blown away by a master who topped my 2,356,580 by about 8 million! I gave up after that!

  38. Didn't know they double up when they get to the bottom. Never happened for me.

  39. I just discovered an arcade near my house because you got me wanting to play pinball. They have a centipede game, but since it’s October, the centipedes are ghosts and the mushrooms are tombstones. When you kill a spider it says “Ahh” or “boo” instead of 100. Pretty cool.

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