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Let’s Repair Atari’s Legendary (But Ultra Complex) POLE POSITION Arcade Game! Two Power Supplies?

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  1. I always wondered how my Galaxian got water damage. Well, not just water damage, it must have spent time in a laundromat in the bad part of town. That particle board just does not like getting wet.

  2. I’m 1 minute in and already having flashbacks to the issue where it wouldn’t shift to 2nd gear.

  3. Wow…thanks again. I just bought a $400 polel position that is totally non functiional. I'm sure I'll pull out lots of hair in this one…

  4. Joe Classic arcade turns off the lights

  5. Great video Ronnie, Man you started in daylight light and ended in street light. You have a heart beat, I can not wait to see the next video on this pole position. I liked the smile face sticker on the one board. Any idea when that board was worked on or is there any way to tell? Thanks Ronnie

  6. fun fact: becuase of this game the fuji race way is the FIRST race track to appear in a video game

  7. In response to the switches on that Kiss Pinball. For caps and switch scanning I don't believe time matters, as a guess. When the game powers on there is a chance a cap is charged, ignore that for just a bit. When the game scans the switches it tries to run a little current through the switch (right, like that's just how it works). That will charge all the caps, the key point is that it takes current(even if only a little) to charge the caps. The switches short across the cap at the speed of light the cap is emptied. Hours later, without being scanned, the cap is still empty. The little current it takes to charge the cap registers on the CPU. Normally when dealing with caps time is everything, but in this one instance I think it only a combination of the switch discharges and the current it takes to charge the cap.

  8. Now here’s a game I remember! Heck, I still have it! I’ve had a plug-and-play system with Pole Position, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy, and PAC-Man for years! I played so many hours of that thing and eventually figured out how to steer and shift in pole position. God I love that game.

  9. I was addicted to Pole Position when I worked at the Arby's down the street from where that guy went "Postal" in Edmond OK. They had an arcade near there. Hope you get those chips to work!

  10. I understand keeping the PCB, inputs, and display the same, but the power supplies could be replaced with a modern supply.

  11. Are you going to do another video of you fixing this cabinet???

  12. I like this cabinet, it’s a classic, I’m glad I bought mine…..

  13. Great video, I'm an addict now, going to start to use the amazon link. Thanks again for all the hard work!. Quick question. Why do some arcades use mirrors and upside down monitors and some don't , heck what is the reason for the mirrors anyways?

  14. Great video, can't wait to check this out because I've always wanted to own a pole position. I missed one a couple years ago for 100 bucks that had no sound, seller said he was pretty sure it was an issue with the ar2

  15. There was a pole position at a pizza place in town when I was a kid I played it every time we went there lol looking back all the games they had were older games

  16. Pole Position is actually a NAMCO game that was licensed to Atari.
    The board in this game is also a NAMCO design that was licensed.
    Just like Pac-Man was also a NAMCO game but was licensed to Midway.
    NAMCO didn't have a US affiliate so they licensed their games. Don't know exactly when NAMCO opened a US office but obviously they had one by the 1990s and weren't licensing their games to other companies by then.
    The rules and players of the videogame were very different in the late 1970s and 1980s than they were now. Lawsuits and bankruptcies changed that industry dramatically before the end of the 1980s.
    Nowdays, NAMCO is Bandai-Namco and they're getting a crappy new corporate logo next year inspired by the Twitter logo that has generic pink lettering framed in blue.

  17. I always remove the rubber scan coil wedges one by one and add a piece of electrical insulation tape then refit them, the wedges often react with the copper and burn the scan coils. Careful work usually does not affect convergence etc and saves these coils which are as rare as hens teeth these day’s . Great work with the videos.

  18. Yes! The game room in my dorm commons had one of these, and I spent SO many hours on it. This was one of the very few games that I felt I could say that I had mastered. Well, at least I thought so!

  19. This will be very interesting for sure! Back watching after getting hooked on Fallout 4 which was on sale. Way better than the initial reviews showed, so I should've bought it when it came out.

  20. 1 pedal on a stand up machine is a leg acher like Chase HQ 2

  21. Look at that Cabinet just Beautiful ❤️

  22. I remember when this first came out. You couldn't get near it because everybody wanted to play it. The ones I played were the full cabinet with the drivers seat.

  23. That game look brand new.
    And it's really broke broke???

  24. Now people will correct you: It's "It doesn't work" not "It don't work" to which you'll reply "In case you didn't notice, you have fallen right into my trap" 😀

  25. In the basement of the Arcademuseum Seligenstadt Germany there's a Pole Position monitor with insane burn-in.
    The GAME OVER is almost black. People don't believe me the monitor is not connected to anything when I show them a photo. G07 iirc.
    I also repaired a few boardsets of PP and PP2. This damn battery… yeah the C7 custom, sometimes traces were eaten through, a bad address selector (LS138?139?) and some bad RAMs. Pole Position is pretty picky when it comes to 2114 style RAM, they work in one location and need a different type in the other (timings). And once a CPU just died with D0 not getting close enough to 0V just after I fixed it.
    Also Qix. The bootlegs are a lot better because the brand of battery they used didn't leak nearly as much as the originals.

  26. Ah, the days when we wanted to play Gran Tourismo and this was it, the best. The one closest to me wasn't in the mall arcade with the rest of the games. It was put near the center of the mall with a vending machine or 2 under an escalator.

  27. A movie of the life of an arcade machine would be interesting… like toy story.

  28. Hope you guys are doing well, you staying busy I hope ?

  29. Do you have a Gorgar or Funhouse sitting around, a couple favorites

  30. The sense exists to measure the voltage drop under load for the cabling. You keep describing it in terms of the connector, that is the mistake the designer made not the intention of its design. The sense compensates for the voltage drop of the cabling and the voltage drop under dynamic load as the current drawn goes up and down. The thinner the cabling the more the voltage changes with current draw. Had they put more ground and power points on the design and used thicker cable then they would not have needed the sense, in a way it is a cost cutting exercise by the designer.

  31. Mike's Amateur Arcade Monitor Repair says:

    Yup. MatsuSHITa. It's got some jailbars. Needs caps. Otherwise, nice job! If you ever need to replace the flyback, it's a whole process. There is one available that fits the chassis footprint but doesn't provide the correct heater voltage. There is another (same part number) that does provide the correct heater voltage but it doesn't fit the chassis footprint and requires some gymnastic leg bending to get it to fit. Just a heads up if you need/want to replace it.

  32. I still remember walking into The Wizard arcade and spotting this game. They took a pounding. So much more responsive and detailed than anything out there. Everyone would just WHIP that wheel and pound the pedals. I can just image the damage done to these. Happy to see one still standing. I would love to re use an original cabinet around my racing sim. How much do just the cabs go for?

  33. Joe joe joe we need longer videos I LOVE your vids sooo much

  34. Do you do or see any kind of Maintenance Graffiti?
    Doing these kind of Mods and getting the Game working again is nice, but what if it fails again in a couple of years? Or someone else has to repair it and is like "WTH did someone here?"

  35. I played the game when they came out at Malibu Grand Prix it was a sit-down version a really fun game to play

  36. Nice video!! I wonder whats happening with Adams FPGA multigame board? haha!! I jest, but wasnt their an issue with the games themselves that meant something like this was needed?

  37. Surprised you didn’t recap the AR board. The caps looked original.

  38. Whats the scooter game in the back ground?

  39. Does anyone else see a baby potty in the speaker housing

  40. Oh boy did I ever reef on one of those shifters in my day. I grew up in the 80's. Did you even notice how quarters from the early 80's are so thrashed? My theory is video games. If you're bored, look up the story of the "red quarters." That will be a trip down memory lane for folks my age who frequented arcades.

  41. @4:00 – The cigarette burns are provenance. A testament to life in the fast lane so to speak.

  42. Honestly I have been looking for an operation wolf for the last 4 years. Another has been double dragon finding something decent seems to be getting harder.

  43. Great video! dumped a lot of quarters in that game back in the day!

  44. Cool game, My favorite were the cockpit star wars games from Atari. I begged my poor Dad to take me into a very shady Arcade in the city when I was a kid to play one.

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