Let's Admire Atari's Legendary Pole Position Cockpit Arcade Game! Gameplay, Cabinet design, artwork - video-games-arcade.com

Let’s Admire Atari’s Legendary Pole Position Cockpit Arcade Game! Gameplay, Cabinet design, artwork

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We got in a super cool 1982 Pole Position Cockpit arcade game! Doesn’t get much more cool than this. Check out the video and feel like a kid again….. see all our arcade games for sale at !

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  1. Pole Position is so awesome! I love the game to death. One of the greatest games of all time.

  2. Thank you for making this video.
    Awesome Cabinet.

  3. This was the game I played every single time I went to the arcades way back when. I would save my last quarter just to play this. Great memories with this cabinet. Thanks for uploading!

  4. To blast out full images at THAT framerate and of THAT colordepth in 1982?!? Not to mention multichannel audio, etc.. Must be absolutely cutting edge hardware and have cost a fortune. Wonder how long it would take for such a game to actually make profit, with income only arriving on a quarter-by-quarter basis… Totally enjoy your channel.

  5. The cockpit looks awesome, they also had the Pole Position 2 cockpit as well.

  6. I just picked up a 1980 sega Monaco gp cockpit game that needs complete restoration but I got it to play blind so far.  I wanted a pole position maybe some day very cool game

  7. Do you have any of those boards left to sale?I needs the boards for my upright

  8. Love these cabs… how heavy roughly?

  9. Heard about these, never saw one! How cool is that!?

  10. I just got me one of these 😜 …not as nice as this one but it’s a fixer upper! It’s solid but might need new artwork as it’s tatty. What paint do you guys use on your machines? I’ll be using a roller.

  11. I just picked one of these up for $50 bucks and im so excited to get started on trying to make it work

  12. Was one of my favorite game growing out. Man, that brings me back.

  13. my local dairy queen had a pole position upright, after the ice cream token was turned in…………..it was pole position time

  14. Indeed in the action! I noticed louder game volume makes the games more energetic

  15. What paint do you guys use for touching up artwork? My pp needs touching up here and there, especially the back. Obviously I’ll need to mix the paint until I get it right. The edges are a bit flakey too, haven’t decided how to tackle that yet 🤔.

  16. the pole position at the arcade i go to has the stand up version and it has no break pedal

  17. i just got one just like it works but monitor is pin cushion mushed out i need to clean up my art work n all that but i love it..

  18. Didn’t the arcade Pole Position have billboard advertising such as Marlboro, Martini & Rossi, Pepsi and Canon?

  19. I love Pole Position, it’s better than any Mario Kart!

  20. I have pol position on a multi pack game for Gameboy advance. I'm going to find it and play it.

  21. Namco-Bandai and Arcade1UP need to give this a revival! There's too many dead cabinets out there, sadly…

  22. This game always had a crowd around it at Showbiz Pizza.

  23. You said it rolls really well. Did you have issues rolling it around at all? Did you have to use hand trucks and a lift gate moving to and from your store? I’ve never seen one of these in the wild. How does the weight compare to the stand up version? Could this be pushed up a U-Haul truck ramp that was 26 inches wide? Asking because I might be able to score one pretty cheap but I’m worried about moving it.

  24. If you flawlessly qualify and every other lap the speed per lap increases final lap is like 250

  25. How does the bezel glass and control panel stay in place? I’m having issues with mine.

  26. I wish I play pole position on a upright arcade cabinet

  27. This was cutting edge gaming when I was 4 … Was my favorite arcade game.

  28. I spent so much money and time on this game in my youth and it was worth every penny. One of the greatest games ever.

  29. I remember playing this in the arcades and being able to watch someone play from behind looking through the glass is awesome. I always wanted one of these cabinets 😀

  30. This is still Fresh as all heck in 2021. Watched till the very end.

  31. Used to work at London Gatwick airport in 85/86 when I first left school and they used to have this video game there. Just the sound brought back memories

  32. You guys get the choicest games love your videos I dont know anything about how it fix em but it's so interesting to learn and watch. And remember being kid playing em and the smoke smell lol

  33. Every time I touched one of these games I always got pole position and high score no matter where the game was but I knew some shortcuts..😉😉

  34. Used to play this at Showbiz Pizza Place back in the day.

  35. Me being 6 years old, This game being new, The awesome sit down console, Playing it in a Showbiz Pizza, is still burned into brain as one of my all time top favorite memories of being a kid in the 80s.

  36. They had one of these in my local pizza parlor back in the 80's. We kids discovered that if we kicked it hard enough in just the right spot we could get a free game……

  37. PP and Turbo
    Greatest driving games of the Video Game Golden Age (pre crash)

  38. Lots of hours on the 5200 home version back in the day
    A large part of the fun of this game were the controls- that extra beefy nearly indesturctable shifter your could throw up and down with all your might.
    And that shiny metal steering wheel that spun infinitely around 360, ie most other driving games of the time had stops to the left/right or at the bottom 180

  39. I can't even imagine how awesome this game must have been in the early '80s, I didn't even encounter it until the early '90s, but still loved it.

  40. Hello,

    Was curious if you modified the Pole P gas pedal? Adding a switch with resistors in place of the pot. Used to do this to help the reliability of the machine. Certainly agree, Sit Down Pole position was one of the best.

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