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Legend of the Double Dragon – The INCREDIBLE Story of a Super Fan REMAKE !!!

Top Hat Gaming Man
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In today’s video the Top hat Gaming Man look at the history of Legend of the Double Dragon an absolutely amazing fan remake of Muneki Ebinuma’s Super Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo. Let us look at what this game contains as well at get a glimpse of an even more impressive project known as Ultimate Double Dragon which is still in the works!

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Edited by Ryan of Exploding Music Syndrome

Fan Art Used In Thumbnail By :

Additional Footage Sources For This Documentary

LOTDD – Style Switch style gameplay
Mau Herrera

LOTDD – Jimmy’s moveset (finalized)
Mau Herrera

LOTDD – SNES style gameplay
Mau Herrera

LOTDD – Billy Lee’s Coop throw & Juggles
Mau Herrera

LOTDD – Stage 01 Las Vegas Billy gameplay 01
Mau Herrera

Legend of the Double Dragon – 2P gameplay (demo ver. 0.4D)
Mau Herrera

Legend of the Double Dragon – Demo ver 0.5!
Mau Herrera

Legend of the Double Dragon – Ver 1.4 + Easter Eggs & Secrets!
Mau Herrera

Double Dragon Extreme
StreMix Tim

Return of the Double Dragon OPENBOR 720P HD Playthrough

Double Dragon Advance Longplay (Game Boy Advance) [60 FPS]
AL82 Retrogaming Longplays

Super Double Dragon (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

Arcade Longplay [373] Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
World of Longplays

Dynamite Cop (Dreamcast) Full Playthrough

#UltimateDoubleDragon​ – Final Mission *Route-A* Development Update
Mau Herrera

#UltimateDoubleDragon – 0.3 updates Gameplay feat. Sonny & Jeff – K80’s OST
Mau Herrera


  1. Legend is wicked, can't wait for you to cover ultimate double dragon when you get the time

  2. Wow! This is amazing 😍 what a wild ride, I didn't know anything about this and it's something that I've always wanted. The Super Double Dragon is great but always felt understandably lacking… Please keep us informed on the progress of this project!

  3. Thank you for all your Kunio-Kun and Double Dragon content!!!

  4. Glad this is getting some more eyes on Mr. Q's projects!

  5. I don't care what anybody says, Double Dragon Revenge/Super Double Dragon is the best in the series. I wish 30 frickin' years later developers would note the defensive aspect of this game and take inspiration to make modern beat 'em ups more than just an offensive affair.

  6. Great video. And, the less we speak about DOUBLE DRAGON 4 on Steam by Arc, the better.

  7. The thing I hate the most about this game; is that it's not official and I can't play it on the Switch. Even if somehow they it was officially ported; they probably won't use the music that was remixed from movie sound tracks. This game was as good as Streets or Rage remake and Streets of Rage 4. Too epic.

  8. I might be in the minority but I really loved super double dragon I still have my original copy and play it to this day it's difficulty makes it special imo

  9. You need to keep in mind that people play games for different reasons – some for the challenge, some to relax, some to spend time with friends and family. There's no reason for publishers not to include multiple difficulty settings or "easy modes" for those that just want to chill and experience the stories. "Hardcore gamers" can still play at the hardest difficulties (and brag about wasting precious time acquiring a skill that is absolutely useless in every other aspect of life lol), and publishers can reach a much wider audience with their product. Everyone wins.

  10. Before I got to the part where you discuss KI I literally thought “man Billy looks like he’s doing Jago’s ultra combo”.

  11. Maybe it was so quick that I missed it but I don’t even think he mentioned Return of Double Dragon?

    It’s the version released in Japan a couple weeks after Super came out in the US.

    You can catch the boomerang when it returns, hurricane kicks can hit more than once, two more stages, smarter ai and more adjustability in the difficulty settings.

  12. This game is full of references hell I can't even find all of them just yet

  13. I knew if I waited long enough this game would come into existence! 🙌🏾

  14. Please let this game be available for all home game consoles….take my money Please 💰 🤑 💸 🙏🏿

  15. 🐉😎👊💥👊😎🐉
    Yes, I'm here and have been there throughout the making of this game. Mr. Q is very passionate about his projects. I am apart of this amazing community and I am in the game credits. I will Support his Work for as long as I can bc I Believe in Mr. Q's Vision. 15:37 and 17:18 💪😎 If You are a Fan of Mr. Q or Double Dragon then I highly recommend that you Donate to help the Epicness continue!! 👊🐉😎

  16. since you made all these videos about all the different double dragon games, you should make a separate video ranking the top five version. my top three are gba double dragon advance, famicom return of double dragon (japan version) and double dragon neon.

  17. Great game hope to play it someday if i ever finish all my openbor projects.

  18. Finally this game is getting the proper spotlight and Top Hat did it again!!! Thanks for the video Top Hat. This one is a GEM!

  19. The ip holder's are selfish. If they start a kickstarter and bring it too psn i won't hesitate to donate! This is a double dragon fans wet dream!

  20. It's Ultimate Double Dragon with
    1) Billy
    2) Jimmy
    3) Sonny
    4) Jeff
    5) Chin
    6) Ranzou

    – Best Double Dragon game out Right now … Ultimate Double Dragon

  21. Yeah!! let's go Chile! We are the best country of Chile! (That statement is sort of a chilean joke 😀 hahahahahaha! )

  22. Very cool, but it took a while to realize the background was the actual game. Thought it was a capture of something from back in the day whilst the story unfolded. Confusing as you started off showing the originals as a build up but no specific transition indicator. Perhaps making subtitle cards of which game is playing would help. Just a thought. Great video otherwise!

  23. This fan project is next level, a crossover collaboration with a member of the DD dev team. Holy cow

  24. Gotta play all these soon!!! Preferably the one like the gba version.

  25. Considering the success of River City Girls & the Lee brothers being in those games based on their Double Dragon Neon designs & it being by the company that made Neon, I'd kinda been expecting Double Dragon Neon 2

  26. I cannot WAIT for this finished project to drop/ This is an absolute dream game. Arcsys having Guilty Gear and DNF going, if they mess around and get Double Dragon off the ground, it's gonna be a looooong decade for Capcom. Arcsys is absolutely on fire as of late.

  27. I LOVE this game! This best double dragon game ever made. Bring on the sequel!

  28. Bimmy and Jimmy are always picking fights for one reason or another…

  29. Hell I always liked Super Double Dragon! No, it didn't blow me away or anything but I thought it was solid & quite fun.

  30. I never realised I wasn’t alone in my undying love of all things double dragon.. I used to play that game any chance I got and when I wasn’t playing it I was dreaming about it. 😅

  31. Is so cool to finally see Top Hat reviewing Mr Q’s DD (although I would have preferred different videos for the other DD mods MrQ has made). I’ve been witnessing MrQ mods since about 2004-2006, and he has always been very polished on the works he has delivered. Double Dragon was such a big impact in Chile in the end of the 80’s and early 90’s, that’s why you can find many Chilean modders of DD in the Openbor community with close age range early 40’s (MrQ, GaboHanzo check his DD Gaiden and me with Enter the Double Dragon).
    The only nitpick I can offer about his coming Ultimate DD, is the combat system is very based around fighting games, as MrQ is an expert on that video game area,, but some people like me are more into beat’em up and not much into fighting games, so we still have some problems trying to get all combos done 😅
    Cheers and all watching this video, check his Ultimate Double Dragon, and if possible, donate a little or share his work!!!

  32. Is this game only come out for pc or home game consoles or maybe both I hope.

  33. I loved Super Double Dragon back in the day. I remember as a kid the store I got it from accidentally packaged the one on one fighting cartoon tie-in game in the box instead. I immediately returned that crap.

    I don't have the opportunity to play the game these days, but I still occasionally look for vids like these or look up interviews about the game now and then. Nice to see the community still keep it alive.

  34. I wish more companies would do this there's some fan made game they're just awesome and I wish companies would take that thought process more

  35. This Mr. Q seems to training for be a Dragon Brother himself XD

    Wonderful story and game…for more games like these, specially in times only graphics and micro transactions are the base of the industry today, sadly…

  36. Dear Top Hat. You say you have made a video on every game in the Double Dragon series. You have overlooked Shadow Force, which I consider to be an entry in the series in all but name. It was created by Technos Japan, including many people who worked on the original DD. (Which is more than can be said for many of the games carrying the DD name, including some of the numbered sequels, eg 3!) Not many people have played it because it never got a release outside of the arcades. It may never have even got an arcade release outside of Japan ( I don't know, but I never saw it). It is a fantastic game, with great 2D brawling mechanics, several elements borrowed from the 1-on-1 genre (special moves etc) and, best of all, lets you "possess" enemies and fight as them. Take a look at it, and see if you agree with me that it is a long-forgotten entry in the DD series – maybe even the "real DD3" (it's much better than DD3 and includes the work of a lot more of the original DD team).

  37. Please talk bout dungeons & dragons:tower of doom & shadow over mystara arcade games,the bouncer & urban reign on ps2,mortal kombat shaolin monks,scott pilgrim vs the world game,dragon's crown,mighty morphin power rangers mega battle,revenge of the wounded dragons,& the fighting/beat em up hybrid pit fighter

  38. You just reminded me i have that DD Fan version on my old lap top. now i gotta dust it off and toss it in my new PC NZXT Gaming rig to enjoy lol

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