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Driving in real life is SIGNIFICANTLY different to driving in a race and today we’re trying Gran Turismo for PS4 to try and learn more about good racing technique! Using the recently unboxed Logitech G29 today. Let’s LEARN how to drive!

What’s your favorite racing game for Playstation? Comment below!

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  1. Can we have a water break/coffee talk episode while your doing a POV chill driving as the background.

  2. Considering I only have GT6 and have been replaying the licenses, seeing NihongoGamer go through the struggle and excitement for getting all golds puts a huge smile on my face. That and actually seeing improvement throughout the video

  3. For a whole different driving experience try the "Snow runner " series it's one of those off-road, rugged terrain, kinda games. Or one of them Bus Simulators :v cheers!

  4. I try twice, but no, my fear of hurt or even kill someone, just don't go away. Absolutely no-no to cars in any way. >_>

  5. Try to get some wheels with brakes for your chair, they are very cheap and a great fix for chairs like this, also i recommend getting used to not putting your weight in the g29 wheel, or pulling back from it so your chair doesnt move, this wheel is known to get alot of slack, mine ended up breaking in pieces after having the slack for like 2 years, but its a very good wheel that on average will last for more than 6 years, g25s still work great to this day. Cool seeing you play racing sims 🙂

  6. This was a ton of fun to watch. If you're planning on making more racing games videos I'm all for it!! 😀

  7. Ive used a racing wheel sense i was 6 on my ps2 and i love them. If you want to try another game try euro trucking sim or american trucking sim they dont sound fun but they really are.

  8. The goal of racing is to go as fast as possible, even if it breaks road rules. try to brake as late as possible and push the brakes as hard as possible and turn the steering wheel harder

  9. Gran turismo licence tests….horiffying GT3 Rally-Licence-8 flashbacks intensifies

  10. GT Sport had cones that serve as reference points. The double cones going into a corner are for braking, the single cone afterwards is a turn in point and then there are cones on the apex and the track out point.

  11. I don't see anyone mentions it yet, so I'll add it just in case.
    The guidance line's colour has meaning; red means keep braking, yellow means throttle off but don't brake, green means throttle GOOOOO.
    One well known quote for racing since you mentioned it: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Just like what you learnt.
    Hope this helps~

  12. It's not about winning in the race. It's about having fun in the race 🙂

  13. >"I'm not gonna hit the brakes this time"
    >Is driving a Mustang

    Congratulations, you are now ready to be a Mustang owner.

  14. Trying to learn dirt rally 2.0 and coincidentally you drop this video, nice

  15. I would love to have friendly races with you some day!

  16. Please keep this up! I love this series already haha.

  17. This takes me back to doing the license tests on GT4 with the DualShock 2. Getting all the golds is a serious addiction, be careful.

  18. i can't wait to see you in traffic. that will be fun

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