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Kung Fu Master – 1984 Arcade game.avi

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Kung Fu Master – 1984 Arcade game.
Silvia has been saved two times, but kidnaped again 🙂


  1. Cómo olvidar lo que ya no volverá uno de mis juegos favoritos de aquella época.

  2. At Colombia i spent all my money in The arcade It was a great Time

  3. Remember playing this in the local corner shop as a teenager, could play it for hours 👌

  4. Spending hours back in the days in the cafeteria playing this fantastic arcade game! 🔟🔟🔟

  5. This sounds like original chip set arcade. 25 cent version.

  6. Nothing beats the good old original thing of course. Anyone can say it you know; which is, I miss the good old days. This VG somewhat/sorta what, reminds me of 'Bomb Jack.' You nowadays also got; the brand new VGs (video games) that, spit out ticket stubs. They try to get you; to purchases prizes, with these tickets. If you get less ticket stubs, you have to redeem your ticket stubs. 🎟 😂 🤣 😳 😒 😑 🎟 💣 😍 😅 😩 😫 😭 💣

  7. That is the worst final boss of all time.

  8. I made it to level 3 once…. 👻

  9. I searched for this game
    i remember playing this as a child
    nostalgia pure

  10. Joguei muito anos 90 esse jogo no bar do Nelson , quem e' nelson???? Eu velho barrigudo lá da minha vila …kkkkkkk

  11. The enemy never hit him, they grabbed and hugged him and somehow that hurt him.

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