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Konami’s Lethal Enforcers Arcade Game from 1992 – Overview, Artwork, Gameplay Video!

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This is Konami’s famous “Lethal Enforcers” arcade game from 1992! We show the artwork, cabinet overview, and some gameplay video of this cool classic. You can see all of the games we have currently at

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  1. Cool stuff! I own this cab and it’s one of my faves.

  2. I always wonder what ever happened to the actors on the game picture. They were cool

  3. I would love to own one of these, used to love playing the arcade and sega versions!

  4. When i was younger in the mid-nineties, the batting cages in my town had a small arcade. Lethal enforcers was tucked in the corner- i spent alot of quarters on this game.

  5. @Joe's Classic Video Games Did Lord of Gun is made for kids than Lethal Enforcers?

  6. If you kept going for a bit longer, you would have seen the 1984 Terminator character pop up. Cool game

  7. the one arcade that i have always wanted but could never obtain was the house of the dead 2 arcade , i remember being in the arcade as a kid and i would actually get advances on my allowance and blow a whole years worth at once so i could stay there all day lol i would pump quarters into both player slots and double wield the guns , i actually got to be really good at it to the point where i knew when every enemy would appear and where every hidden pathway was , it was the same with the lethal enforcer arcade , 2 guns all night long and on full blast until my neighbors would politely ask me to go to sleep … damn duplex LOL

  8. i had this arcade , found it on craigslist for $150 i just had to replace the power supply and repair the sound chip , pretty easy stuff , yet another game i regret getting rid of , you need to have the sound on in attract mode it is so epic lol

  9. Brings back memories. We used to play this after school in middle school at a laundry mat. They had the addam's family pinball also. I hate how the sega home version makes you restart a level if you shoot some one or low score.

  10. Are those the cabinet's original lightguns or replacements? Some versions of the arcade cabinet definitely had lightguns that were shaped like the revolvers the characters use.

  11. I wonder what ever to arcade game called "cops" which was realtime video game play

  12. 3:56 – Who's BS idea was to put these warning screens on their arcade games starting in the early 90s? Seeing this warning screen kinda pisses me off (especially how violators may be subject to severe penalties), because i think the reason these warning screens were shown during attract mode was to, in a way, scare the customers! SHAME ON YOU! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

  13. Congratulations for the arcade I have a dream to build one for me, where I find a side art? Where can I buy or download? If you can help me, I'll be grateful.

  14. very fun game, been playing this and LE II in MAME!

  15. Dear Hi!
    How can you calibrate to fine accurate tune ?
    My Guns are shooting but are not accurate.
    Did you you find a way ?

  16. fairly decent game, but the on screen enemy/hostage animations and continue timer sound are a bit dated, compared to today's lightgun shooters.

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