Konami's legendary SILENT SCOPE Arcade Game Cabinet - They Have Captured The President's Family! - video-games-arcade.com

Konami’s legendary SILENT SCOPE Arcade Game Cabinet – They Have Captured The President’s Family!

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  1. They have this at the Indianapolis meps back in the day.

  2. Spent a lot of time playing that at Gameworks in Seattle. The final boss was a pain, until I remembered a line from a movie where someone was firearm training, to exhale and squeeze the trigger. Got a head shot with less than 5 seconds to spare. At that point the boat and said final boss were tiny, even using the scope.

  3. i use to BEAST this game. $1.00 to play thats all i needed to beat the whole game doing the hardest level

  4. If you ever move that thing with a dolly make sure the marquee is secured. When I worked for namco I was moving one and the marquee flipped down and tore the skin off the end of my index finger. I was going to warn you about the potentiometers that control the x,y and z axis on the aiming but without a bunch of kids constantly banging it around I dont think that will be a problem for you.

  5. Just bought a copy of the port to PS2. YouTube must've picked that up in my cookies from eBay… 🙂

  6. ”Calm Down”

    I love this arcade series since the early 2000’s! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I recall 1 of these coming into the shop a couple decades ago, no one went out to lunch the rest of the week once we got back up & running.

  8. I used to have the SEGA Dreamcast port. Such a missed opportunity to support the lightgun, it was gamepad control only.

  9. You should have got bonus points for shooting all those terrorists in the balls

  10. Nice cabinet , I have the exact same one in my games room , I have done a review game play on this , nice to see another one , wonder what there worth now got any ideas ?

  11. They kidnapped the president, his daughter and the first lady?

    This game has like…the worst secret service ever lol.

  12. Hey Ron thanks for sharing great video. I am currently restoring a williams Stargate which I got as a empty cabinet, any chance you could do a video on cabinet wiring for coin door and especially game settings switchs etc. not having one to compare is trying my patience.

  13. I remember playing this at Kennywood park. They had it right inside the entrance of the arcade facing the path right next to the Racers!

  14. I'm so glad I got to play this back in the day. This and the house of the dead were my favorites at the time.

  15. This game is a classic i had it for the Dreamcast. I could never get good at the actual arcade cabinet version lol.

  16. Looks like he brought it back to life…

  17. Definetly many great memories and quarters spent to pass this and other games like it. Thank you for showing the game, and I hope we can see the internals of it too 🙂

  18. I've put countless quarters into these machines lol

  19. I remember playing this in the early 2000s

  20. i missed an opportunity to buy a Silent Scope for $180. Only problem was the monitor did not work (main monitor not scope). It would have only been my 2nd arcade and at the time I knew nothing about monitors. Bought a 2-seat Rush the Rock (with topper sign) for $300 instead. Also a good deal.

  21. I used to play this back then at the mall arcades but I have never made it pass the football stadium stage. Thanks for playing it through to the end for me.

  22. Ooooo I haven't seen this in so long. The Jillian's near me had it before they got bought out by Dave n Busters. It's such a cool game

  23. Definitely a game that's harder than it looks.

  24. I've tried to play this game, but nope it just took my money.

  25. Hilarious I remember that in the arcade. Frustrating 😤 calm down. 😭🤣😎. Brilliant I'd like to play now get frustrated. Calm down.

  26. Scope in Attract Mode. Not sure if they turned that off or not, but I would frequently find one to play, that the scope was dead. Games didn't last too long. 😛

  27. I loved and hated this game. Now that I know the setting have a large amount out adjustment, I feel the place I played this at would have made more coins if they did not turn the setting to the hardest. All my buddies never wanted to play it because it would be over so quickly. It was a lot like "Paperboy" settings, They were always to hard. I had know clue there was more to the game. I want to play it now! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  28. Reminds me of Lethal Enforcers!

  29. I have put alot of quarters in this one lol.

  30. Man taunts YouTube censors while playing silent scope

  31. Another great upload. Totally enjoyed watching this. Looking forward to many more.

  32. This is one of my favorite arcade games. It requires genuine skill and there are very few cheap shots.

  33. I played that game at Tri-County Mall at timeout

  34. I remember playing Silent Scope when I was a kid and I’ve been playing it on the PS2 and scored over 3,000,000 points.

  35. So many childhood memories flashing back at me when you started the game. Im damn old.

  36. Back in 99 I shot that dude running in the stadium in the head. The skull comes on the screen when you head shot bosses

  37. I remember this arcade booth. It left an impression on my adolescent self. Seemed pretty high tech and lots of informative instructions all over the cabinet to read before you invest 3 quarters. The scene with the boat escape plays during insert quarters idle. It was too hard and ate quarters though

  38. My big plan is that someday I'll have a room in my house with bowling alley/arcade carpeting and a small collection of classic lightgun games. Silent Scope, of course, will have to be the centerpiece.

  39. This is the arcade cabinet I would have if I had room !

  40. My most favorite game ever, I was play it once to the last second stage without continue, I remember there should have a scene on the cruise, maybe I was playing on the jp version?

  41. How can i search your shop in amazon, i cant access the links in the description 🙁

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