Kissing Video Game Characters - SNL -

Kissing Video Game Characters – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Three game testers (Bobby Moynihan, Sasheer Zamata, Pete Davidson) play a new video game in which the characters (Chris Pratt, Vanessa Bayer) celebrate each solved puzzle by embracing one another and passionately kissing. [Season 40, 2014]


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  1. I've watched this skit like 10 times…sooo good

  2. This is literally the kind of sexy games that are always advertised on ig and youtube.

  3. How's the world six so we do have their step up the storytelling and the gameplay

  4. I hate it that nobody is like: FUCK YEAH, I LIKE IT.

  5. pete’s “oh man” is the best part of this whole sketch

  6. The only winner in this game is Vanessa.

  7. Taran Killam was burning the place down in that outfit. Woooo!!!!!

  8. Imagine being able to brag to your friends that you passionately made out with Chris’s Pratt

  9. I laughed to tears. Remembering myself from the eighties, I wondered why these people were so sceptic, disgusted and blase… Oh, I know! They remind me of contemporary young organizations members in my country:-)))

  10. Man, The Lego Movie Video Game sure is looking great! 😂😂😂

  11. Imagine if guy cast members wrote and did this with a female guest…

  12. Well in game evil wizard was doing good job keeping love away from the world

  13. My wife would’ve wrote herself into this video too, I’m sure of it. Lol

  14. The gameplay is so high quality when does this come out I need all 55 levels now

  15. y is tthe one guy sound like jimmy form gta5

  16. Oh no, it just got too weird at the end, lol

  17. Did anyone else wonder why Chris was bright orange?

  18. The game testers obviously have not played Gals Panic.

  19. What I would do to be written into a sketch with Vanessa

  20. My jaw dropped when they started kissing 😂

  21. Vanessa is absolutely great in everything she does!

  22. And this game was Rate E for Everyone. As in Everyone Join in the Love!

  23. Their acting skills are super impressive on this one

  24. I bet this and sheila sauvage started the pandemic lol

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