Kissing Video Game Characters - SNL -

Kissing Video Game Characters – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Three game testers (Bobby Moynihan, Sasheer Zamata, Pete Davidson) play a new video game in which the characters (Chris Pratt, Vanessa Bayer) celebrate each solved puzzle by embracing one another and passionately kissing. [Season 40, 2014]


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  1. I bet this and sheila sauvage started the pandemic lol

  2. Their acting skills are super impressive on this one

  3. And this game was Rate E for Everyone. As in Everyone Join in the Love!

  4. Vanessa is absolutely great in everything she does!

  5. My jaw dropped when they started kissing 😂

  6. What I would do to be written into a sketch with Vanessa

  7. The game testers obviously have not played Gals Panic.

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