King of Boxer (ARCADE) Enrgy -

King of Boxer (ARCADE) Enrgy

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This video shows all the boxers you fight (it’s getting incredibly hard after a few boxers in this 3 button game)


  1. Minha infância nós fliperamas. Anos 80😃.

  2. Used to LOVE this game!! When ever the fair came to town, straight in the arcade to play this, scramble and defender!!!

  3. What are the trainers doing between rounds?

  4. Why does the in-between round action look like the boxes are being sucked off by their trainers? Seriously who thought this was a good idea?

  5. Darcy Ribeiro O Povo Brasileiro.txt/ja li. E muito bom. Leitura-Estudo aconselhável. Vale a pena, antes das eleicoes.

  6. Yo duraba 3 horas como mínimo en este

  7. My mom used to whip my ass because I used to steal all of her change to play this at a gas station way down the road where we used to live. Get my ass kicked in the game then come home and get my ass kicked by my mom. It was worth it back then, lol

  8. Never played the arcade version.. But i had the exact same game on Nintendo Ring King…

  9. Mid 80s arcades were the best. Amazing memorable music and sound effects coming from games like ghost n goblins, Bomb jack, Kung fu master, Commando, Starforce etc etc.

  10. After playing this game there were moustaches on my face, and i was 8

  11. When I played this in the Arcades a long time ago…dude with the yellow gloves pissed me off…he was hard!

  12. 多分昔の俺がこのゲーム

  13. Compare this to Kageki. Weird similarities right?

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