Kids vs. '80s video games -

Kids vs. ’80s video games

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Today’s kids give ’80s video games a try. Explore “The Eighties” Thursdays at 9 p.m. only on CNN.


  1. yo soy un niño y ademas ya sabia como poner el cartucho -_-

    absurdamente epico

  2. Atari 2600 sucked, after playing ET I quit playing Atari. Nintendo NES was so much better, to this day I can still replay its games.

  3. I have never played retro games or Nintendo 64 yet I wanna buy them for some reason

  4. This hurts me ven though I'm 11 what kid does not love retro games

  5. They choose the dumbest kids. I am offended by this.

  6. To the girl who said she would pick up a book and read all day if she were an 80s kid : oh no you wouldn't 😆

  7. I honestly was so disappointed in the current generation when they tried to open the cartridges

  8. To be fair a lot of Atari games are “where am I, what do I do?”

  9. No kid you would be playing whatever cartridges you had

  10. Not to be mean but how did they not see the power switch?

  11. I’ve been playing Atari for the past ten years. I’m 16. I’ve been playing NES and SNES for even longer. This is offensive tbh.

  12. "How do you turn this on?!"
    There's literally a switch on the console that shows on and off. I wonder how.

  13. I am so disappointed on these kids- THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TURN IT ON!

  14. Man looks like you could play Jumanji on that thing

  15. It's amazing, as if video games have improved so much that old tech is old

  16. I'm 13 I own atari and snes and what these kids done made me wanna jump off a bridge

  17. That girl is correct it’s trash the arcade machines were the best back in days Atari embarrassing themselves with the worst graphics

  18. Am 40 and I smashed my Atari the day i bought Sega mega drive 🤣

  19. meaning 80s kids are much smarter than today, they didnt even know how to plug the cartridges..back then its like your reloading a live m16 rifle

  20. i would kill to be able to play old games like this again


  22. Question, how did you make the old tv work? And even more interesting, how did you get Atari console to work??? I asked my boyfriend and hd said that you cant connect it and make it work nowadays, because he said you need a tv that supports channel 3 which is not beimg supported anymore?? Something like that…
    Could pls someone explain me jow i can connect it?

  23. Bro my 11 year old brother can do this come on

  24. These kids have NEVER played a video game in their lives, have you? Why oh why did you have them play Pac-Man on the Atari 2600? That game SUCKED!

  25. Ye Mao subh 5 bje aadhi nind me Kia krta th😂😂

  26. Kids today have no clue what us adults today what fun we had in the 80s.

  27. I love seeing all the 10-14 (like myself) who love retro stuff get angry at these kids

  28. Why does nobody know where the tarry 2600 is even though I have one

  29. Kids today are too dumb to figure out how to play PacMan. Thanks, America.

  30. To be fair you shouldent expect kids from 2015 to know how to set up a wii u or 3ds not an atairi

  31. "Where am I??"
    That pretty much sums up the Atari my man

  32. i am 11 i played all game but in emulator named 64 in 1

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