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Jurassic Park Arcade – Arcade Video Game

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We just stepped into a whole new world full of prehistoric creatures. This is the new Jurassic Park Arcade video game! Once we sat down to play, it felt like we were face to face with dinosaurs. Crystal took on triceratops and Angel went head to head with T-rex! The graphics and game-play are very engaging and we sure had a good time playing this game. Maybe next time we will actually beat those dinosaurs!!! Jurassic Park has not seen the last of us.

What is your favorite dinosaur?

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  1. the was playing the walking dead arcade game

  2. Marathon watching 1/18/2020… Scary Dinosaurs 🦖

  3. Why don’t you talk like that that is really creepy

  4. Oh my gosh we played that with my brother and it's the same btw my brother sucks I survived a lot of waves but it was hard we played leap of faith that was the level they chose I can't believe they played that!!

  5. I'm much better at this game than you guys

  6. I captured the first dinosaur and got 2nd place on the leaderboard

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