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Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps

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Gameplay starts at 00:36. Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2.


  1. Spent so many tokens on this one. The memories.

  2. I miss the times of video games making sense only after a dozen cups of coffee

  3. The campground I went to growing up had this and I never had enough skill or money to make it to level 3. 10/10 game… although gotta say the latest jarrassic Park movie looks like it used this game for the inspiration cause there hasn't been another movie with a volcano AND a basement full of dinos together in the series that I can remember

  4. Imagine lore wise if this was actually canon, and Hammond just bred dinos so guests could massacre them en masse on their way to the gift shop at the end to buy plushies and slushies after. Holy fuggin' shit.

  5. Anybody else think the soundtrack for this game fucking slaps?

  6. Although it's just animated, that jeep must have good suspension to still keep going after all that damage

  7. T-Rex at the end looks baked asf 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️
    Best game at Chuck e Cheese hands down!

  8. You Don't See Classic Video Games
    Like This Anymore. I've had a lot of great time playing Jurassic Park

  9. I think I can blame this game for giving me a fear of eye contact as a kid.
    All of their eyes are just staring into my soul.

  10. How fast that T Rex is running is unnatural.

  11. I agree with this game.
    Jurassic Park would’ve been better if it was nonstop shooting dinosaurs with unlimited machine gun ammunition 😛

  12. I was looking for this! I loved this back in the day.

  13. I don't know if it the same, but when I was a little kid I used to go to the arcade with my dad and I always saw a Jurassic Park arcade with moving seats. I never wanted to play it because it always scared me the moving seats and the dinosaurs jumping into the screen lmao. I was perhaps 3 or maybe 4 yo.

    We always played an arcade that was some sort of F16 cockpit (or maybe it was a tomcat?). I don't remember the game but it wasn't 3D, it was so fun.

  14. To this day, that T-Rex still looks badass, shows how impeccable the sprite work is.

  15. I wonder if it's possible to no hit this game?

  16. This unlocked a Chuck E Cheese memory. Ngl parts of this game scared me as a kid

  17. Gotta love the floating bridge made out of logs over the lava.

  18. Yaknow when you give guns to the main characters, Jurassic Park really isn't all that threatening. Especially when they're shooting herbivores most of the time.

  19. Stupid game. I never got a chance to beat it at chucky cheese.

  20. That some top notch vehicle they got there,extremely durable

  21. Você jogou em um emulador ou no fliperama mesmo?

  22. Putting T-rex chasing you as the first part. Really puts you in the game. The intense amd thrill.

    Spent lot of money in the arcade but cant finish it. 😂😂

  23. This seems like the guy who always uses auto clicker at the arcade

  24. Imagine if this was remade with realistic-looking graphics.

  25. 超級無敵怕癢和貓叫聲的先輩 says:

    00:37 Lucy : let's play the amazing game

  26. I liked this as a kid, not sure I ever beat it, though.

  27. I played this EVERY TIME we went to Chuck E. Cheese.

  28. Lol those triceratops noises 😂😂

  29. T. rex: busts through trees a hah! I found you!

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