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Jr. Pac-Man Conversion Arcade Game – Bally Midway Kit from 1983!

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We got this sweet Jr. Pac-Man arcade game in, installed in a Super Pac-Man cabinet and filmed this video for all our fans.

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  1. Five dislikes! 5 ghosts hates this! But we do enjoy this video!

  2. Jr Pac Man story was like Romeo and Juliet.

  3. What I didn't like of Jr PacMan was the speed. To fast to handle. May be you can manipulate the speed in the settings. It's a fun game.

  4. I don't think I've seen this game in the arcades; at least the ones I been to. I do agree about the speed on this one. Its way to fast. If I was to own one of these kits; I would want the normal speed version so it is more playable. If I would ever be able to own a Jr. Pacman; I would get the kit that would go into a Ms PacMan cabinet so that the front would be uniform and it would be a next generation of Ms PacMan in my collection :)). I notice to; that the Galaxian game cabinets are the same as the Pac Man cabinets and wondered if the kit would be compatible for a Galaxian cabinet so that way the Pac Man jr. would be white with the green trim on the front. That would be something to check out. :))

  5. I wonder, is it possible to disable the speed mod?

  6. The Jr. Pac intro screen was really cool looking in 1983. Wow, Inky could be rendered going behind the bridge railing! Today I look at it as another triumph from General Computer.
    Also, making Jr. Pac off of old Mappy units made a lot of sense as the hardware had to do a similar thing, namely a sidescrolling game board about 2x screen width.

  7. back in the day across from the church at the t shirt shop …..in baton rouge , la ….

  8. If you don't get tricycle it will blow up a power pellet. I've seen it in MAME. Videos are fun and informative. Try it one time if you have a machine available. I like the speed hack, it makes the game easier.

  9. Just played this for the first time today at the Rocky Rococo's in Madison Wisconsin! It even had the fast mod on it. So much fun!

  10. Jr. Pac-man is one of four Pac-man games I have in my collection.  I agree the attract mode is lame.  I think the intermissions are the best of all the Pac-man games. The music is second to none!   I also believe the 5000 point prize is a frosty beer!  (not an ice cream sunday)  The art on the bezel is a sunday but the actual prize is big ol' stein of brew.  Jr. Pac-man is a delinquent.  He runs off with yum-yum;  the slutty forbidden neighbor girl, and he sneaks alcohol from his mom.  (what boy hasn't?)  I think the guys who programmed this game had a great sense of humor.  A total classic!

  11. I could swear I once played a version of this had had a tiny little miniature pinball table under the screen.

  12. 3 Dislikes? 😕 Must've been The Ghosts…and Tim probably didn't like it either. 😉

  13. I once saw and played one of these at a campground SOMEWHERE on a cross country RV trip my family took in the Summer of '97 from New England to Florida to Wyoming and back. We stayed at over 20 different campgrounds so I have no idea where we were, but I remember they had this, Mario Bros, and lots of other games that seemed really strange to me at the time as I'd just left my Nintendo 64 back at home

  14. No matter what happens, I just can't bring myself to like this game. I've heard Midway took the Mappy machines they had laying around, seeing as it didn't sell well here in America, and butchered the cabinets into Jr Pac's, against Namco's will- and Mappy is my favorite game, I've been hunting for a cabinet of it for years with no luck. Just made me upset to know that my favorite game was made even more rare for this.

  15. Super Pac-Man was kind of a terrible game–Jr. Pac-Man was much better. Definitely an upgrade.

  16. I was going to say hay wait a minute where's the pinball part of the game.
    But then realized that's pac man Jr not baby pac man.
    But also realizing I never seen a junior Pac-Man before.

  17. There’s a glitch in all of the pac man games where you can walk through a ghost if your fast enough

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