Joysticks (1983) the “Porky’s in an Arcade” Video Game Movie - Rental Reviews -

Joysticks (1983) the “Porky’s in an Arcade” Video Game Movie – Rental Reviews

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Joysticks (1983) is one of the first video game movies ever. Sure, it’s about an arcade, but it’s mostly about the awful slobs that run the arcade. Anything video game related just proves how much the writers didn’t know about games. Though, it’s great to see Joe Don Baker.

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  1. Must be my shity video your talking about HAHAHA but now I have both …dark and very clear

  2. I am just seeing this movie now. It popped up on Tubi. It's f'n nuts, but, I don't know, it's entertaining. Thanks for the review!!

  3. Has it really been 2 years today since this was uploaded.

    I think of this video every time I log into Disney+ and see the link to watch lion king and can’t help laugh.

    So James when you going to be a guest on talking about tapes?

  4. I love watching these rental reviews kind of sad I got into them after they finished.. but I love how james is like a wise jedi master in most of these.

  5. I’m convinced Kieran should’ve been born in the 60’s or 70’s. LOL

  6. Justin is wrong the truck that they try to steal the arcade machines does have a lift gate bits out of frame you can see it under the truck as they pull in the driveway of the Rutter house. Not that I would expect Justin Silverman to know his way around a box truck. lol

  7. In case it's not mentioned elsewhere, Hoyt Axton sang the theme for Mitchell, starring Joe Don Baker.

  8. Scott minimus is in star trek three surch for spock


  10. If you think shifting DDR is hard, try moving a Raising Storm machine!

  11. You guy's really didn't get this movie. Complaining about it not being kid friendly? Lol what a bunch of dads. It has a real dvd release with extras available directly from the director.

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