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Jail Break 1986 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games

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Played to Jail Break complete.
Konami 1986.
Jail Break World version,
Manhattan 24 Bunsyo Japan version

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  1. One of the best games ever made lol.

  2. the criminals are running around a ball chained to their legs???

  3. Never seen this game before, it looks awesome!

  4. The kid screaming is the most annoying sound in video game history.

  5. Ended this game so many time , there was a glitch in the game if you hit the warden with the tears gas he was going to die.

  6. 5:05 Okay, i think it's safe to say the programmers wanted one last tit shot, no matter how ludicrous.

  7. 5:19 In the real world, the cop would be sent to a different precinct and promoted.

  8. Jesus christ. Until he rescued him, I thought the Warden's sprites were an unmanned gatling gun.

  9. Carái…eu salvava com um boneco!

    Alguém sabe como baixar no celular!?????

  10. SIX prisoners broke the jail after killing TWO officers and then ONE officer starts killing all the criminals in the city to capture FOUR with a bazooka and grenade launcher (standard issue weapon)

  11. You'd think that cop would call for backup.

    But hey, the escapees are all wearing ball and chains!

  12. if this game was made today, they'd bitch about excessive force.

  13. I think there was some bullshittery going on there…

  14. I've got this original game in the arcade cabinet, I just got to level 3!

  15. used to work in a bar late 80's and we would play this game daily. eventually did the whole thing back to the beginning!

  16. What would be cool if the audio played AC/DC's Jailbreak

  17. I like the detail that the ruffians shooting from the windows turn into pacifistic transvestites after being shot.

  18. Crowding round the show off kid in youth club all crowded round the arcade machine. You always had a kid who completed it. Miss those good old days green beret, yi ar Kung Fu etc

  19. oh noes, BLM & Antifa are running amok in the city.
    In current year, i found this old game are quite prophetic.

  20. Y O U ‘V E S A V E M A N H A T T A N

  21. Pretty impressive how they're running with balls and chains attached to their legs….

  22. yo jugaba este juego en 1987 m e encantaba pero si era dificil hasta la fecha lo sigo jugando y me sigue gustando

  23. why don't criminals turn into shirtless ladies when i fire grenade launchers through their windows? i must be doing it wrong…

  24. Me and my brother used to play this at our local arcade. we did beat the game couple of times. its amazing to see how it lags at the same point exactly as i remember. btw stage 3 cleared perfectly as soon as you rescue the lady. I used to love killing the shooters on the ship's windows.
    One of the hardest arcade games that i now enjoy on mame 32.
    you've smashed it like a pro. thanks for bringing up the childhood memories xxx

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