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Jaden’s Top 5 Favorite Pinball Machines

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Welcome to The Holy Grail Video Game Channel! This is Episode #3. We will show you my top 5 favorite Pinball Machines.

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  1. What happened to ur online store? Not able to get on

  2. I dont agree with him.
    My top 5 are:
    1 – Centaur
    2 – Walking Dead
    3 – Tales from the Crypt
    4 – Mata Hari
    5 – Cirqus Voltaire

  3. Lmfao some of these machines are works of art lol.

  4. medieval mad… TOTAN….twilight… APOLO 13…. LOTR, BANG ! MY tables

  5. My top 5 (of the machines I have played)
    Apollo 13 / Medieval Madness / Twilight Zone / Indiana Jones / No Fear

  6. FUNHOUSE is the all time BEST pinball machine.

  7. I've got to respect a young man who loves pinball.

  8. If I had an arcade in my house I don’t think I would ever leave home…It’s my dream to do what u have done here someday…✌🏻❤️Been gaming out since 1985 and will never quit…

  9. If this kid loves old school pins , god bless him.

  10. If I'd have to make a Top 5 it would be something like this:
    1. Black Hole (Original, not Pinball Arcade version)
    2. Cactus Canyon
    3. Space Shuttle
    4. Medieval Madness
    5. Sorcerer

  11. What is your opinion of the Pirates of the Caribbean 2017 edition?

  12. Man I love medieval madness, one of the best Pinball machine ever made

  13. my top five are

    Star wars LE
    Adams Family
    The Getaway High speed 2
    Play the top 3 at southend on sea.

  14. I hear F-Zero SNES music in the background.

  15. Joder para no aburrirse,te ad montado un salón recreativo en tu sótano.

  16. Too bad AFM is not part of the lineup because that's definetly a top 5 without a doubt.

  17. My top 5
    1 monster bash
    2 tron legacy
    3 theater of magic
    4 Addams Family
    5 Iron Maiden legacy of the beast

  18. Medieval madness is the best!!!! Or attack of the martians.

  19. Ah yes theater of magic my winning game in 1996 for the pinball championship of Hawaii..lol..actually my opponent's losing game..I was playing world cup soccer..

  20. I am going to try 2001, I agree with the other 4 that you recommend.

  21. I love Theatre of Magic! One of my favorites too!

  22. The greatest invention of the Uninted States Of America is Pinball Mchine.

  23. This kid's dad spent well over $200k on this collection

  24. Kids these days, he called Frankenstein a Zombie 🙂

  25. Hi can I be your friend! How do you like the revenge from Mars pinball 2000? Looking to grab 1 at reasonable prices!

  26. Good selection! Here are mine (today, could change tomorrow)
    1. Junk Yard (a sorely underappreciated game)
    2. Shoot the Rapids (classic Zaccaria table)
    3. Theater of Magic
    4. Jack's Open (great old Gottlieb EM table)
    5. Hurricane/Black Hole (tie)

  27. That Stern Star Trek table looks just like the Star Trek: Vengeance table featured in Stern Pinball Arcade, later featured in The Pinball Arcade. Stern did make some interesting tables in the 2010s before experimenting with LED displays in order to get with the times. I honestly feel like being more old school was what helped them stand out in the modern age of pinball.

  28. My top 5:

    Twilight Zone
    Flash Gordon

  29. My Top Five:

    Medieval Madness
    Creature from the Black Lagoon

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