Is This Emulation Console Worth Buying? Game Stick Lite With 3500 Games -

Is This Emulation Console Worth Buying? Game Stick Lite With 3500 Games

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In this video, we take a look at this Retro Plug and Play emulation HDMI Dongle console called the Game Stick Lite and it comes preloaded with over 3500 games and costs around $50 USD. Is it worth buying? It supports NES, ATARI, SNES, PS1, MAME, and more.

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  1. Does this support 3rd party bluetooth controllers like 8bitdo retro gamepad?

  2. Sounds like you could make a better one..😄😄😄

  3. i like the idea. any other games stick would you recommend? I like the small size and the fact they included joysticks

  4. There used to be a USB/HDMI console called GameStick. O think it was a Kickstarter but it did make it to market. Baaaad reviews.

  5. What do you want it do, blow in-between load times. As long as it's under 50 it's fine. And Sonic was running better than I've seen in any emulators. 8/10. Did he even trying typing in the other systems and their games names. Jackass

  6. Was that a mistake when you were showcasing Sonic :The Hedgehog as being on the Game Boy Advanced? I never played on a GBA, but I did have a Sega Game Gear as a kid. and the frame rates for the included Sonic gamwere so bad it was barely playable.
    So was that a case of misspoken editing or that the actually emulate Sonic on the GBA?

  7. Does this thing have any WWF / WWE wrestling games?

  8. can you add games to the memory card? do they work?

  9. Asa-Punk aka Åsa-Punk at Suður Vinland says:

    I was noticing these for sale the other day when I was looking at portable emulators.
    Giving it goes up to PS1 does it by chance have Jumping Flash on there? If so does it run ok?

  10. Hi…I have a problem with the system… If possible have a copy of your SD card?

  11. i' ve only used it once and now its not working. stuck on blackscreen without sound.

  12. No it is not worth buying any smart phone can do all that it does for free

  13. some games are impossible to Resident Evil..otherwise, great for playing nostalgic games…✌🏻

  14. The controllers actually look to be ps2 Era, not ps3

  15. hello, how did you put games on the sd card?

  16. Is this thing work on a pc?

  17. For $50 bucks I think your expectations are way to high I bought one and my kids played Mario and a bunch of the other games and really enjoyed we were laughing and screaming I think it’s a pretty fun little gadget.

  18. Does it also work with a laptop? We don't have TV 😆

  19. What's the point of playing old games? Plus playing on non chargeable batteries. I'll just wait for the update for ps4 and up

  20. I want to copy all the files to a new SD card but how do I do that? since the SD card has multiple partitions.

  21. My friend, how is it? I have a GT king Belink device. When I play pubg mobil or free fere with me the emulator, panda or any emulator by hand, the controller throws problems. It starts. I have a stop in the emulator in the first place. The game starts to run. After time, the emulator stops. Do you have the solution, my friend?

  22. Is there anything good similar to this on Amazon?

  23. Do you have a list with all the Games. I want to find out is Bubble Bobble on there

  24. Can you connect it to a laptop??

  25. Mortal kombat trilogy sucks because you literally can’t pull off any special moves

  26. Can someone help how to go back to the selection menu without unplugging the device?

  27. How many play station games are there on it

  28. Reload saved bomberman game asking password help ?

  29. How many SNES and NES games this stick have ??????? Please can someone please let me know 🙏

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