Is the NEW 2020 AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade (Version 1.1) a WASTE OF MONEY? -

Is the NEW 2020 AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade (Version 1.1) a WASTE OF MONEY?

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Is the NEW 2020 AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade 1.1 a WASTE OF MONEY?


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Sams Club Version with Pinball Buttons:



Xbox One Controller:

Flydigi Apex Controller:

iPega 9083s Controller:

iPega 9167 Controller:


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  1. seems like the "Gamer Pro" is a better way to go instead of having the bulky cabinet. IMO

  2. they have the absolute WORST quality control. I said something on FB and they had the nerve to come at me as if I did something wrong! ATGames is shit of a company.

  3. Shipping was my issue! One broken part and two S7 screws fixed together so I only have one flipper working! Told to return to Sam's! Wait until they conquer packing for your purchase!

  4. This is no joke, The Legends Ultimate is a production lottery. We had mostly all these problems plus others. Our D board was split in half, T-mould was scratched and chipped along the edges, E Board had a chip taking out of the corner, Side panel had a scratch dead center. various edges were chipped and needed touch up marker. As we slide the panels in we noticed this haze on the edge of the panels. We started wiping the haze with a microfibre cloth and water. Huge amounts of black paint was coming off the panels from, I am guessing, the veneer overspray? We got the overspray paint off the panel and they looked normal again. We finally got it assembled, and the display wouldn't turn on. Opened it up and the monitor power switch wasn't even attached. After it finally turned on we have a chunk of plastic stuck in the bottom right corner of the LCD (inside the actual LCD panel). Further to this, the LCD panel was also not even assembled properly, we have a strip of exposed lighting from the panel in the top right hand corner of the screen too (total eye sore when sitting and playing the machine). The acrylic plexiglass is scratched with swipe marks from a dirty cloth underneath the bezel from whoever assembled the unit. This has been more work and worry than excepted. We wrote atgames to hear their response, but have not heard back yet. We may just end up shipping this back to samsclub, but we are debating even attempting an exchange. This is way more production faux pas than normal.

  5. This is a good review and I've learned a lot I would not be getting this machine why pay for video games that you have to download the play that's just dumb after paying that much for a machine and I got to pay the play extra no thank you I learned something about this it's not worth it stick to Arcade one

  6. I just got this for Christmas I’m not terribly happy with the graphics or lack of pinball games and as you said I haven’t heard of most of the games on here . And for me it’s confusing to play. So not sure if I’m keeping it or not. I might take it back to Sams Club.

  7. This is junk. Got it 2 months ago and joy stick stopped working. Customer service never got back to me. Never buy atGame junk!!

  8. The problem is…. It doesn't includes most of the best games! But I think there is a work around to install MAME, isn't there?

  9. Oh geez. Got one on the way. LOL Fingers crossed. maybe they've fixed the light bleed issue, by now. From the images you showed, I'd have to suspect that unit was a returned product, and whomever had it before, didn't repack correctly, or the factory didn't repack correctly. One would think the factory would have a stock of spare parts, to support customers. I'm guessing you could reinforce those broken parts with a piece of 1/4 inch metal with holes in it, from a DIY shop, or a piece of wood, on the inside facing surfaces. Very sorry to see your unit arrive in that condition. You might be able to get those graphics to lay flatter, if you apply a light coating of fabric adhesive (non-permanent), to the back of the graphics, and then reinstall them. I'd paint those clips black, though. Personally, I'll likely go without the graphics, turn the kick plate around, to just show black, and just have the machine be the black monolith, from 2001, in the room. LOL Thanks for the video.

  10. I got the 1.0, I'm very happy with it. The marquee did arrive cracked but I imagine that's because of how unwieldly the 1.0 box is to handle, I'm sure the delivery people had trouble, I had to get help to bring it upstairs into my apartment. Atgames replaced it for free, albeit about four months later, but at least they did it. It was just a cosmetic issue so it didn't bug me much. I also replaced the plastic screws with metal screws of similar size spray painted with glossy black enamel paint (stick them into a piece of cardboard, follow paint instructions and spray over them, wait for them to dry) because it looks nicer and they're more durable. I keep hearing about the poor quality of the 1.1, sorry you had to go through this. Most of your issues do seem to be through poor handling as well, but the loose screen and crappy side art panels are the two biggest complaints about the 1.1 that are the fault of poor quality.

  11. Arcade 1up sucks gameroomsolutions is awesome.

  12. Great, I just took a arcade1up golden tee machine back and ordered this. I do however think you got a returned model.

  13. I just bought the legends core how good is it

  14. BTW, Squirrel King is on this system. A bootleg Chip n' Dale Sega Genesis game is on this. AND IT'S OWNED BY PIKO NOW FOR SOME STRANGE REASON.

  15. cheap PC, cheap monitor, mame and order a full size cabinet from China .. all the games for free you could possibly want and one time purchase price .. these toys are a joke ..

  16. I have two and they came out perfect with all my games working on my USB. Many other bigger name YouTubers love their machines. You sound whiney, and probably the type to complain about everything hence couldn’t even admit you were incompetent with not finding the USB piece. It’s always someone else’s fault. You may have even broke it yourself. Stop the passive aggressiveness, the world isn’t always against you. If you don’t like something, return it, don’t be a SAB. Your credibility went out the window when you failed to find the USB lol.

  17. Legends Ultimate looked like a generic arcade cabinet. The product looked like those Retro-Bit Duo 2-1 console quality.

  18. I thought the Sam's version was supposed to be the better one?

  19. Pay your Server Rent AtGames or do we need to start a gofund me to help you pay your bills over there in CCp land the little p of shame….

  20. Got the gen 1 for about a year now. No issues whatsoever. Beats the arcade 1up machines by a long shot. Hot CoinOpsX running. Might change out the graphics on the marquee and control panel. Other than that, it's solid.

  21. Yes it is. ALU 1.1 is a total waste of money. A proprietary device where you have to pay to play. Sooner or later, I bet they will cut Coinops access by USB. Just wait for a while and we will see that.Then, unless you extract any traces of their board and system and put a PC or an XBOX inside, using their controls and cabinet. What is not easy, ALU is a totally useless device. Oh, their proprietary monitor connector has an LVDS cable instead HDMI, just to make things worst. Oh, one more thing, if you have one of the Intel XEON processors, you cannot even think about connect ALU 1.1 by their bugged ArcadeLinkNet software, which by the way has no updates for more than a year and 3 months.

  22. It's so weird to see people criticize the game selection on this retro arcade machine when it literally has 5-10 of the best selling, most popular arcade games of that retro era, 1978-1988. What games were you expecting? Virtua Fighter 3 and House of the Dead?

  23. So this piece of crap ain't for me. Arcade 1up needs to then make full sized cabinets, with bigger monitors for grown men…

  24. Thank you for the very good video! What would suggest to add more games?

  25. I can't get the Arcade to connect to my WiFi any suggestions?

  26. So I have to pay per hour if I have games on a usb stick?

  27. Why the widescreen monitor?
    So silly on their part to include that

  28. The reason for the $1 an hour charge is because it’s “streaming” off of a computer in the “cloud” and not stored on the machine itself, but you can do that from a PC and there is no charge.

  29. ATGAmes has an "F" rating by the BBB. Their Ultimate Legends game console had a bad control board less than 90 days after I bought it, and they wanted $20 for a replacement board. They warranty their products for ONLY 30 DAYS!!!!

  30. Thanks for the review it helped me steer clear of this QA nightmare. You are far more patient than me as I would have smashed this with hammer and fire once I saw the broken wood.

  31. It's sad that no one company has actually been able to get everything right on one of these home cabs. A1U has great looking cabs, especially with the coordinated risers, but they have huge issues with ergonomics (screen angle for adult players – control surface issues on legacy cabs, etc) and control hardware (like their non-spinning spinners and clicky clacky buttons). AG has horrible cabs that look super cheap but they have better under the hood hardware in most cases. They need to combine the plusses of both companies to end up with something that's actually worth what we're paying.

  32. This was informative I won't be buying this cab. Charge you every hour to play your own games wtf?

  33. Boy you’re really whinny ! ( monotone voice included 😜)

  34. Wait wait wait wait WAIT

    They CHARGE you $1 an hour to play your own roms? Why aren't you more upset by this? That is the most insane thing I've ever heard.

  35. "made before the atari" ??? That would be what … Pong … and that's about it? Maybe Space War?

  36. I bet you got a cabinet that someone returned. The fact it was missing stuff and the parts were open … sounds like Sams Club shenanigans.

  37. Well, I got one, back in January. It has horrible audio lag. Tried reporting it to customer support, but they waited a month, to tell me to report it to technical support, and three weeks later, they told me to report it to customer support. This went on three more times, by which time, the warranty was expired. Basically, AtGames stole my warranty. When a supervisor finally contacted me, asking for a video of the problem, they flatly denied the problem, and said I was "perceiving" the problem. I'm a professionally trained video editor, and I know audio video desync when I see, and hear it. LOL. Other problems have started happening, lately, like garbled audio, if a game is left running more than a couple of hours. So, I finally broke down, and bought Arcade Modup's Raspberry Pi, and LCD marquee kit. Gotta tell ya', there's absolutely NO delay between audio, and video. I think I'll permanently bypass the AtGames assets, now. I've already canceled the AtGames Arcadenet account. Definitely was an unwise decision to go with that cabinet. Oh, and the joy sticks squeak, like a beat up old car's suspension. LOL Oh, the cabinet isn't even all wood, like the Arcade1ups. The core component is mostly plastic. Only the base, side, and back panels are wood. Thin wood, at that. For a full sized cabinet, the panels should've been 3/4 stock.

  38. You know you can add a USB with thousands of games right

  39. Omfg. Screw them. I almost bought one the other day, dodged a bullet. And the fact they charge you a dollar an hour to play your own games, WTF.

  40. my god how can 1 thing have so many different issues?

  41. heads up guys 30 day warranty control deck board went bad after 8 months they made it clear that they would not cover so i have to upgrade to gamer pro the kick they said it was my fault and said they were not assigning blame for the time being i am stuck using xbox controller

  42. I ordered mine from Sams club a few weeks ago and the same panels were broke. Screws were also everywhere. I called Sam's club and they were awesome. Thankfully they located me a machine in stock. I threw it back in the box and put it on the porch. Fed ex picked it up the next day. I had a new one 4 days later with no issue other than the screws everywhere. The screws are detailed in the instructions anyway so no big deal.. I put coinopsx sauce 5 on it following step by step the PDUBS ARCADE LOFT version 5 tutorial and it's great ! Sam's club gave me a 10$ gift card for my troubles. I used my Sam's mastercard for 5% cash back so that with the gift card totaled 35$ off the 499.00 so it was a good deal in the long run. Atgames definitely needs to rethink the packaging of these machines. It's not a waste of money because of its potential. You definitely have to do some research and take advantage of the built in coinopsx and byog capabilities. I have 4 arcade1up machines and the stock controls on the atgames machine are far superior to any of them. My Midway legacy controls are absoute garbage, the p2 stick is nearly unplayable. The legends cabinet and deck are also much wider making it more comfortable for 2 players

  43. I had their @tgames Sega mini.The sound was slower but its played your games and came with a bunch. It stopped working by itself after a year.

    This cab seems like a sketchy buy.
    No sound and the arcade 1up is higher, but the ad card part is kind of cool, but 1 dollar hour? Screw that.

    I thought you could just add your own games no questions asked and not require internet.

    It still might be worth getting but I never saw it even at walmart.

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