Is that a 1976 Midway Sea Wolf Arcade Game for us to bring back from the dead????? -

Is that a 1976 Midway Sea Wolf Arcade Game for us to bring back from the dead?????

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  1. Oh no this video of this game has brought back a very bad memory for me (very laughable now though) for when I was a kid , i used to love playing this game and normally there was a group of older boys hanging around and playing this game, but one night in particular the very last time I played it or should I say TRIED-to play it I noticed the big lads sat away from the game not stood next to it playing it as they usually did. I didn’t really care at that moment to be honest as I thought maybe they have ran out of money and where just hanging around to watch others like myself trying to beat there high score, BUT no this was not what these dam hyenas where waiting for……. I was about to find out why though……
    After inserting my 10pence coin in AND standing on the step to view through the periscope did I then realise why the big lads was intentionally waiting near the game. The sound of 6 or 7 big lads laughing and howling at my horror will never be forgotten as ( and I don’t know how they did it) the big lads had smeared dog shit on the periscope and handles…🤮🤮🤮 I will never forget whilst leaving the arcade seeing one of them lads actually rolling on the floor in hysterics….. I laugh now but ironically when I was younger I wanted to join the Royal Navy on the subs and the incident in that arcade put me off. ☹️

  2. So cool. I had totally forgotten about that game

  3. That was the first video game I ever played. We were living on a Naval Base of course, and a carnival came by and they had one of these. I'll admit, I was 8 and had no idea what I was doing. But hey I was a military kid playing a Navy game, it was cool.

  4. I remember seeing 3 of these games side by side each other in Tacoma, WA at the B&I Circus store for many years there.

  5. Seems to be a pretty solid piece of antiquated nostalgia….miss the arcade days

  6. Oh man, I loved this game every time I went to the little store at the beach near my dad's home town one summer.

  7. This, and missile command, are two of the first video games I ever remember seeing…I was a toddler but remember being so excited by the look of the machines and their sounds

  8. I used to play that at the Aladdin's Castle in Saginaw MI all the time. Was a favorite in early B&W video games because it had a guaranteed time you played for and didn't eat quarters so fast as some of the early games.

  9. OMG!!! I remember playing this in my youth. LOVED it. 🙂

  10. Does the periscope still smell weird? I pushed a lot of quarters in it back in the day, but the periscope smelled like a combination of all the previous faces stuck on it. LOL

  11. Anyone remember subroc 30 or mach 3?

  12. do you have a list of games like this that are for sale. I would to buy Vangard if you have it.

  13. They used to have one in Cedar Point. Not sure if it's still there but it was cool playing all the old 80's arcade games. That was 15 years ago.

  14. Seawolf! been trying to find one of these machines to play for a very long time.

  15. As I watch this, along with some of my favorite vids, regarding this content, I'm very impressed with your…. makeover skills! Joking aside, I am impressed with your attention to detail and knowledge of this game/cabinet.

  16. I wanna buy that machine,..! or can you get me another one, if so what's your price?

  17. Im old enough to have played this when it was brand new and I remember that metal trim on the step. pretty sure it was factory.

  18. Wow what a blast from the past! I am 50 now and remember playing this arcade game in the late 70s. It was at the Monterey, California airport upstairs on the mezzanine level. You played by dropping depth charges from a battle cruiser to hit the U-boats. You had to lead off to hit the target. Check out another vintage arcade game called Battle Zone from early 80s.

  19. I am impressed that the technology in this game cabinet does not compare to modern cell phones.

  20. Dude, we had one in bowling alley in the day

  21. I never knew that step pulled out! How I struggled to play that game when I was a little kid, to short to see.

  22. I've been looking for an old late eighties game. It's a driving game but there are shooter levels as well. If y'all could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Trying to remember the name of the game but it completely escapes me.

  23. Forty years ago, every Saturday morning I would walk 2 miles to the bowling alley with a roll of quarters, to make them last for as long as I could. Thanks for the memories.

  24. Yes, yes I believe it is. Great vid. Thanks.

  25. Brought back Memories of SHAKEY'S Pizza Parlor of My Youth! Played SEA WOLF in So Cal in 75-76 before moving to AZ. Played it during the Hey-Days of Video Games in the Early 80's Too! Yes I've GOT that Little Speedster PT Boat-Mostly LUCK!!

  26. 😸 I loved that game as a kid! The step seems so familiar, but I can't honesty say.

  27. Sea wolf and silent service were awesome games.

  28. I remember going to the mall in the early 80’s. One of the department stores had a snack bar in the back with a few arcade games. They had this machine. Put a bunch of quarters in it. I loved hearing that deep base explosion sound it would make when you hit your target with a torpedo.

  29. I liked some of the old mechanical arcade games from the pre video era.

  30. I could've sent a lot of quarters to a watery grave with that game.

  31. My absolute favorite game was a asteroid type game called Rip Off, a 1-2 player game that had players protecting a supply depot from alien spacecraft trying to steal them. Can this game still be found?

  32. I remember playing this and the fighter plane version back in the 70's Blackpool U.K.

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