Is It Impossible to Win In a Japanese Arcade?? | Game Center -

Is It Impossible to Win In a Japanese Arcade?? | Game Center

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We tried our luck at a Japanese arcade or game center, as they call it! The gaming culture in Japan is intense and we decided to check out the scene to see how well we could do with $50.

Emma: Tokidoki Traveller
Natasha: Ellespazz

Aki has made her very own tour of Tokyo’s Electric Town, Akihabara. Check it out on the Magical Trip website below:

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  1. 50 bucks to “win” 2 bucks with of crappy snacks. Kinda worth it 🤣

  2. Earliest known case of corona in Japan right there

  3. Great fun..not very practical way to shop for groceries.

  4. I was in one of these places in Tokyo 2019 I watched a worker open up the game play it til it won put the prize back and closed it again. Meaning no one will win within the programed period rigged!!

  5. You guys sound like you don’t like each other

  6. You should have gone to the smaller plushies! I once won like 3 little things for around 1000 yen because i just aimed for smaller plushies

  7. Still not used to hearing an Australian accent and an SG/MY accent in the same video

  8. Had a dream last night that I won $73 at a casino. Maybe I ought to take up these games. LOL

  9. Watching this after seeing CdawgVA Crane Games video….

  10. at the arcades doing groceries

  11. the one you played are hard to win not impossible to win i have tried it myself if only i was not in debt and we are still able to fly today i would go but for now pay then save.

  12. “What a RUSH in an unhealthy way!”

  13. If you want to see people that are super skilled at this, search for the crane couple on their Japan trip. They make it look so easy

  14. As a self-proclaimed soup person, I am so happy to see people cheering for winning soup. I'm cheering with you

  15. The genuine joy is awesome 🙂 I gotta get to a game center, Toronto only has 1 good one and it's been closed for the whole year cuz of the vaaarus.

  16. Man I remember trying to collect every plush in these UFO catchers when I was playing Yakuza. Good memories.

  17. In California there are laws stating that arcade games that provide rewards with monetary value (including plushies) have to be skilled base. They can never be impossible though their difficulty can adjust. Anyone who has played at an arcade in Ca will tell you this isn't true, the reality is the state doesn't care and won't investigate or enforce the laws. Large chains like Dave & Busters follow the law but places like Round Up or smaller arcades just ignore them.

  18. I thought you were on a real train lol

  19. Please whatever you do, don't go to an actual Casino…You'd rob yourself blind.

  20. Natasha is adorable.
    Both you made this a great video.
    I tend to win loads on these things

  21. That entire building is a Crane Game playground!

  22. I would loose a 100 pounds of weight If I had to get my food from a machine like that.

  23. So STRANGE…cup noodles and instant ramen are so inexpensive as they are, so WHY play for one in a claw machine? 🤣

  24. not a good showcase of the prizes… just check out all the trash taste claw catching videos they made… they actually tried out many different types of games and prizes

  25. 5:48 finally someone agrees that these feel like gambling!

  26. omg the girls are not watchable. ok bye never again no thumb

  27. You ladies portray the Japanese arcade feeling really well! It’s not about the prize, just the feeling of winning. Just don’t think about the money you’ve lost 😂

  28. Pov:You loss the card at the start

  29. i can see some aspects of why a lot of locals don't like foreigners.

  30. The UFoO catcher claw machines are indeed usually on skill but how the arcade makes money is winning in one or even two plays is usually next to impossible as the claw is weak and requires you to spend like 5+ plays nudging the prize until it falls in. So you end up spending much more than what its worth

  31. Was it worth it? We want to know your favourite arcade game, let us know!!

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