Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Track-Pak Arcade Cabinet! 1989 Classic -

Ironman Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road Track-Pak Arcade Cabinet! 1989 Classic

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We got in this ultra awesome Super Off Road and filmed a video for you.

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  1. Fun arcade game. I also remember playing this as a kid at a K-mart, memories.

  2. Hey Joe, I work at a navy base in the Panhandle of Florida. One of the squadrons have this game in one of their ready rooms. Occasionally, I have to go over there and PM a computer. One day I plugged it in and played it and recorded my play. It brought back such good memories from the 80's. I thought it came out before 1989 but time plays tricks on memories. Anyway, i took a video of me playing the game. I have posted a link here but it probably won't work since it comes from FB. We'll see. By the way, the game is in terrible shape. I'm sure you could make it look brand new.

  3. Classic. I Remember whipping that wheel around them turns. Good times. Happy Turkey day 🦃🔮

  4. It was the 1st one I played too. I played it at Concord Motor Sports Park, east of Charlotte all through the 90's. I would love to put one of those in my man cave for my boys and me.

  5. love this game I could always own my brothers in it a true classic

  6. Last year at the Jeepfest convention someone had this game there in one of their booths, they set it up on freeplay so everyone could play it. So fun.

  7. Mannnnn My friends and I literally spent prob 500$ in quarters on Off Road, and Super Sprint back in the day! So much fun!

  8. what camera are you using? if you can set it to 30 or 60fps the flashing shouldn't be that bad

  9. Sounds like u r zooming in with a old ass camera

  10. Takes me way back to the mid 90's playing Area 51 and seeing this beauty at a Putt-Putt golf that had a sizeable arcade room.

  11. I remember this game would cause so many fights due to intentionally crashing other players out to prevent them from finishing first.

  12. Oh wow, tracks i've never seen before, for THIS game !
    Oh man, that cabinet is a fucking GEM !

  13. Great stuff there, Joe. Thank you for presenting this wonderful piece of video game culture.

  14. I used to play this back in 2005-2011 when the mountain plaza was still around,, Good times

  15. I use to have a 4player standing tabletop of supersprint. I wish I never sold it. I have never seen one since. I bought it from a bowling alley and tbh I dont recall ever seeing one anywhere else. I guess they were super limited. I sold mine for $1200 but it was the best version of the game experience but definitely took up alot of space hence why they didnt make many.

  16. I want to make this cabinet diy style…anyone have the plans for a cabinet like this? I would be eternally grateful!!!

  17. One of my old favourites I used to play this all day for a £1in the arcades I would dearly love to own one.

  18. I remember Ivan the iron-man Stewart he had his own team team Toyota he was a off road racer and also helped Toyota sell cars and trucks

  19. I loved this game growing up! I remember being able to spin the steering wheel and catch it at the right time to make a turn . A Gas station/ Circle K close to my house had one . My best friend and I use to walk there in summer and play this thing forever #80’s

  20. I think in all your videos’s this the one where you seem to have the most fun. I loved this game, a true classic.

  21. Spinning the wheel as fast as you could, one of my favorite games to play at my local arcade.

  22. I can't believe I am having fun watching this vid. lol

  23. Hey Joe do you know if you can change the monitor to a flat screen LCD

  24. Man I put a lot of quarters into this game. We used to collect cans and sell them for the quarters lol

  25. I remember playing a cocktail version of this game as a kid. It was so awesome in a cocktail table, perfect perspective for this game.

  26. 7 years old when this came out. Would play this and arch rivals basketball while my dad bowled. Great memories 👍🏽

  27. This along with teenage mutant Ninja turtles and WWF Superstars came out the same year. The local bowling alley had all three , 48 lanes RIP. Needless to say I put all my money in all three. 1989 baby… Great times

  28. Another great game. I remember my local arcade room had this and the 4 player Atari cyberbowl . Akari warriors I thought was SNK . another great game

  29. Love that game. If you get NECK N NECK or PRIMAL RAGE, lemme know !

  30. Where can I buy this arcade and how much does it Go for?

  31. I have this game and have had it in our living room since I was probably 5. I don’t want to get rid of it and it’s always been a piece of my heart. However ours needs some repairs. The red metal part has came out and the red won’t work anymore. How do I go about finding someone that knows how to repair mine to the best it can be repaired so that I can keep it for many many more years? The blue and yellow still work. My power cord is a little messed up but still works too.

  32. The computer driver screwed me on an upper level and I broke 3 of my toes when I kicked it in the change box.

  33. They had this game at an old rollerskating rink in my area (that sadly closed down a few years back). Good times, would always play this right before playing Darkstalkers, Rampage World Tour, or Race Drivin’.

  34. who remember spinning the wheel like crazy and some are broken steering 😆

  35. I remember one time when 2 of my friends and I went to this corner store and they had this game. It had 99 free credits in the machine ! Needless to say we spent the next two hours playing the hell out of it and drinking slushies.

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