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JARED VERSUS WEST! Only one can reign supreme in 80s Arcade Games!

Dig Dug is a maze video game. The player controls protagonist Dig Dug to eliminate each screen’s enemies: Pookas, red creatures with comically large goggles, and Fygars, fire-breathing green dragons. Dig Dug can use an air pump to inflate them to bursting, or crush them under large falling rocks. Bonus points are awarded for squashing multiple enemies with a single rock, and dropping two rocks in a stage yields a bonus item, which can be eaten for points. Once all the enemies have been defeated, Dig Dug progresses to the next stage.

Enemies chase Dig Dug through dirt in the form of ghostly eyes, only becoming solid in the air where his pump can stun or destroy them. Enemies eventually become faster and more aggressive and the last one then attempts escape. Later stages vary in dirt color, while increasing the number and speed of enemies.

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  1. i wonder if this is the origin of the inflation fetish

  2. Even as a kid I knew how brutally violent this game really was. I mean, the dude harpoons his enemies with an air hose and then PUMPS THEM FULL OF AIR UNTIL THEY EXPLODE. That's some sadistic shit man. Digdug is hardcore.

  3. Projared has an Inflation Fetish confirmed!

  4. Oh you GOTTA do more 80s arcade games! Maybe Joust? Or Galaga? What about Gauntlet? So many classics to choose from!

  5. So I googled the world record for Dig Dug. It's "5,429,010 (By the way, no one cares)"

    … Google is developing an attitude.

  6. 13:09 That's a pretty interesting call back. I remember Jared wanting to make that a phrase in a previous video… or maybe it was a stream? Idk, but I remember Jared wanting to say that.

  7. My game at the arcade was galaga, that and pinball. O-O

  8. The debut of inflation kinks… Rather dark too.

  9. Afterwards, Jared sneaked over to Deviantart and typed inflation.

  10. since I'm a disgusting zoomer I grew playing this on Xbox Live Arcade. I also really liked Jetpac!

  11. I think Dig Dug may be my favorite classic Namco arcade title.
    I never actually noticed points getting higher the lower you were when you popped an enemy.

    Also really enjoyed Mr. Driller, which is apparently in the same canon as Dig Dug

  12. yo! that triple was sick! I've never in my life had been able to do such an awesome move xD

  13. I continue to enjoy West as a co-host, good times!

  14. This game has an inflation fetish. is very interesting to play.

  15. You should play Mappy! It’s my favorite!

  16. Pookas and Fygars are fucking with your flower garden. Their deaths must be painful and brutal. Dig Dug was the original Doomguy.

  17. I used to play Dig Dug a lot as a kid on my computer. Had a PC collection of Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Pole Position, and Galaxian, umm… (looks up on Wikipedia…) Microsoft Return of Arcade collection

  18. You should do mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the SNES

  19. DigDug, Joust, Galaga, Gradius, a lot of amazing games to play 😀

  20. Yo Jared, Will you be playing the new shining force game in 2022 or play any of the first two games on a sega collection (sega collection is on all platforms).
    Original shining force games were made by Camelot Software the guys who made Golden Sun so perhaps you'll do a LP of those games someday.

    Got Dig Dug along with mappy and other namco arcade games, I'm great at pacman and mappy but I'm so bad at Dig Dug but it's a ton of fun :P.

  21. This is right up my alley. Maybe some Golden Axe next?

  22. someone should make a blood and gore mod for this game.

  23. Dig Dug is surprisingly fun, but it gets best when you start to min/max the points. Puts you in some difficult positions trying to lure every monster under 1 rock at the bottom most level you can get them.

  24. Like Dig Dug… Ever heard of Mr. Do!?

  25. Duuuuude! I played this game for hours on my GBA when I was like 6 because I had nothing else to play

    Edit: Watching you guys play pac-man would be great

  26. Wait this was an arcade game? I just knew it from playing it on the NES at my grandparents house growing up. Then later on some N64 game that had a bunch of games like DigDug and Pacman.
    Edit: Actually thinking about it I think the NES one at my grandparent's house was DigDug 2 and the N64 game had the first DigDug.

  27. Hi Jerd. Love that you’re playing these 80s Arcade games. Hope to see more. I noticed that there’s no face cam, did something bad happen to cause you to turn it off? I hope not, because you’re a kind and attractive man, don’t worry about what others say or think. I’ll understand and respect your reasons. You’ll still have my support, face cam or no face cam. West is great as a co-host too, by the way. 🤗❤️

  28. Jared hanging out with his friends is fun to watch

  29. Yes game almost as old as me forgot about this thx BTW are u doing D&Dcember this year? Hope so

  30. LOVE me some dig dug. I always make it my goal not to maximize points on each level but just to see how many levels in I could make it, which is usually a decent way of getting a high score on its own anyway.
    I'd love to see more games like this as one-offs on the channel though: lots of fun 🙂

  31. I love verses games like this! Can you guys do Archon? Or Dr. Mario, Or Two player games like Gauntlet

  32. I've never played this game but I'm always happy to see 80's arcade games. I mostly stuck to Ms. Pac-Man.

  33. Aw, I was hoping one of them knew the fast pump mechanic. pump, walk, pump, walk. or simply spam walk and pump for quick KOs.

  34. Really nice to see classic arcade games being played these days. Never forget the past.

  35. Love this. I was never that good at Dig-Dug myself but was also fascinated by it. It's fun watching you and West play games together.

  36. did I hear that right? West is from Alaska?

  37. You could play co-op Marble Madness, I'd watch that.

  38. Well you were right about what you said on Twitch Jared- I never expected this to be your next game!

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