Inside the Worst Video Game Ever -

Inside the Worst Video Game Ever

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The video game ‘E.T, The Extraterrestrial’ for Atari 2600 is considered one of the biggest flops in gaming history. Yet the game’s designer, Howard Scott Warshaw, says he couldn’t be prouder of that honor. This is the story of an awesomely bad video game.

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.


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  1. Im happy that he is happy about making a big mark on the gaming world

  2. People are talking about that fortnite is the worst game ever but listen it just has trash community full of obnoxious kids.

  3. ET is the worst game? More like Fortnite, or Among Us, or Minecr-

    Wait nevermind. Minecraft is actually the best game ever made, quite the opposite

  4. E.T. movie was an Oscar winning film, but the game is mostly a total failure!

  5. The game get a remake for the GBA

  6. 5 weeks,was the deadline he was given. He wasn't responsible.

  7. a random guy with a green profile pic says:

    The lesson of the video : you fauliers might cost 400$ and behind glass if you wait

  8. When a game created in 5 weeks lives longer than cyber punk

  9. I'd say it was a early fail and a late success. Great job still now its worth heaps

  10. Not the worst ive seen worse you can litterally make a game called "Super Magic Spider Swing Hero" and get alot of players

  11. csgo been made for like years but still filled with bugs and hackers, the fuck do these ppl expect from a 5-week one?

  12. This reminds me about those bad painting restoration that are bad but really popular

  13. Dumb dumb dumb. Anyone who knows gaming KNOWS E.T. is NOT the worst game ever. What chump with access to Wikipedia made this?

  14. plot twist: he was just trolling people and did this intentionally

  15. "Worst game ever"

    Trash mobile games:"Hold my in-game purchases"

  16. Lol it’s just like cyberpunk corporate wants the game out as quick as possible while game obviously not ready now forever ruining the game by leaving that asterisk besides its name

  17. Fnaf player: plays alot just to see a atari stylr gameplay about lote

  18. I mean Chibi Robo Zip Lash Exists so like come on guys!

  19. 5 weeks to create game from scratch is insane. Many big games these days took 5 years from plan to release.

  20. From the thumbnail, i thought a blackman was giving me the finger.

  21. What matters is that he tried his best, and the people who called his game the worst game can go and forget themselves.

  22. In 1985 ET was the worst game ever, now crash bandicoot is the worst.

  23. The rabid opinion substantially queue because battery topologically roll through a fascinated thumb. modern, lucky jumper


  25. Wasn't the worst game. Probably just the most frustrating Atari game. TOO MANY HOLES!! I KEEP FALLING IN A HOLE!!!

  26. At least call it the worst game made by a good game company

  27. Something cyberpunk 2077 will never achieve

  28. Still not as bad as EA's abandoned child: Anthem

  29. Ah denialism, saved many a life.
    Also encouraged many a CEO to continue in their self-esteem even today.
    Should bottle the stuff.

  30. Ironic how the ET video game was considered the worst while the ET movie was a success


    This isnt a bad game i think the problem was people didn't understand it

  32. Try playing Snow White and the seven clever boys for the play station 2 it’s way worse

  33. I remember playing some kind of caveman game on my dad's Atari….Grog? You rode around on like a stone unicycle and the game scared me so I never played it too much.

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