INSANE HOUSECADE! - ARCADE HOUSE - Horror, pinball machines, and classic arcade video games! -

INSANE HOUSECADE! – ARCADE HOUSE – Horror, pinball machines, and classic arcade video games!

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HOLY CARP! In this video we are going to visit a HOUSECADE. That’s right, a housecade. My friend Joe transformed the house next to his into an arcade. And this is not just ANY arcade. It’s a horror housecade! Complete with airbrushed walls, ceilings, and ghoulish delights. Besides having an awesome collection of working classic arcade games and pinball machines, this arcade features animatronic monsters, creatures, and so many little details it’ll make your headspin. I truly could not believe what I was seeing! This place ROCKS!

Sit back and enjoy Joe’s Horror Housecade! You’ve never seen anything like this. WOW!

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  1. That was a cool house. But I'm glad you keep your cabinets cleaner and happier looking than some of those in there, lol.

  2. Just found your channel John and what a video that was amazing

  3. love the mini red Nintendo versus do they have any newer stuff they put in those like wii games etc

  4. I've watched this vid SO many times now.. Just love the random craziness of it all

  5. I had a Time Pilot that looked exactly like the one in this video. But I was forced to sell it

  6. The best ever would be at around the 25:00 minute mark if Joe would've dropped a lumber bolt over the door and said "Maynard, get the gimp out- John, my game dungeon is the last thing you are ever gonna see boy, now get on your knees"

  7. There's actually a Devastators Arcade cabinet for sale here around my area is it a sort of rare game?

  8. "Women are welcome if they're hot!"

    Have you looked in a mirror lately, buddy?

  9. I adore Satan's Hallow. I played it when I was probably 7. I remember there was a Sinistar that I usually played and one day they removed the Bagman by it and replaced it with Satan's Hallow. I fucking mastered that game for 4 years.

  10. I don't go for the whole horror theme, but the housecade is quite awesome. Jays place is very cool. Man, if I was local & got a good price, I'd grab that Astron/Bubble Bobble & restore it! Astron Belt was very cool.

  11. This is friggen awesome………………………..i'd love to do a barcade in Nashua……………wish i had the funds.

  12. My cousin has played snowbros and loves it!

  13. I'm dying for an update on Joes collection. this is one of my favorite vids. so much character and love / work was put into this housecade!!

  14. That guys arcade was amazing. So amazing. All the wall paint and stuff. I wish I could hang out there

  15. I would love to learn how to rebuild arcade cabinets!

  16. he needs a chiller arcade and this video would be complete

  17. Do you have Mortal Kombat 1? I won a state tournament in Chicago when I was 16.

  18. That Scoots is really getting on my nerves.

  19. Please be aware of all the work it takes to realize such an amazing collection, Sir, you have my most honest respects

  20. Amazing!!!! Whats the monthly electricity bill for all those tube tv's?

  21. walking up to that house ….. I gotta tell ya, i gave John a 50/50 shot at walking out of there …… I thought he was going to end up….. Ya know ….. " It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again "

  22. If you want to literally blow your mind, go to Starfighters Arcade at Arizona

  23. Watching older vids. Joe is an awesome dude. Dude has a primary arcade (housecade) in a separate house and then in his own basement another surprise arcade! Joe says towards the end he's a "hoarder".. no sir…. you sir are an enthusiast of the best kind! Keep up the great work and thanks for letting us see your games!

  24. Wait a minute……

    Your old games are there?

  25. Man why do you say DONNY KONG instead of DONKEY KONG

  26. Does Joe have a Facebook page? Or anyone have updates on his arcade? Would love to see any additional games

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