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I Wasn’t Meant To Win This Game..

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  1. Me: searches dans fortnite name
    fortnite: Sorry, Dantdm has two mant freind reqests

  2. sad that the last guy was me playing but the next game I got my first win of the season

  3. Am I the only one who would really want to play Fortnite with Dan

  4. Why am I mad that dan dropped a blue pump for a green pump

  5. the builds look like he’s playing on mobile ngl

  6. I wasn’t looking so when he said on fire I thought he meant he got better

  7. is dan on controller

  8. dan got a number one victory royale, yeah fortnite we bought to get down (get down), eleven kills on the board right now, just wiped out pleasant park.

  9. Top tip

    To kill UFOs quicker shoot them with fully charged rail gun

  10. Every yter shorts channel’s vid 30s-2m Dan’s shorts 5m-8m

  11. Guys he has killed a chicken I repeat he has killed a chicken

  12. I might hate fortnite but still love watching dan

  13. I remember the day you posted the meteor video in season 3

  14. Hey Dan I love your original channel so please keep making more vids

  15. i know he is im there so im gonna use dis UwU

  16. dan popping off but his face like he is trying to do try not to laugh 🙂

  17. When dan finds a sweat sweat detected when I fine a sweat better dance hope he is nice

  18. "Sub if your new" me being a fan when he used to do mod reviews

  19. My friends after I get killed by IO guard in season 5👌🏻
    My friends after I get killed by IO guard in season 7😂

  20. hey so i noticed how you kept saying that you really dont like/hate the UFOs. as of right now the UFOs are not in arena so you can play in that but then again every one is a super sweat in arena soooooo, good luck lol

  21. You and I are similar, we both play on ps4 and we are both great with the rail gun

  22. Dan I like ur vids ur pog but is that the fortnite kid gameplay 🤯🤯


  23. Bro his leg when he wins you good g??

  24. Dan, do you play on controller? Because your aim is insane but your edits and build are great aswell

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