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I Ranked Every European PAL Game on NES

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We hear about the hidden gems and fun import games from Japan on NES but not many talk about all the games from our friends in the UK, Australia and more. I found all the PAL games I could find and rank them.

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  1. It's funny that Curly Wurly is called Marathon bar, because in the UK we had a Marathon bar but ours the old name for Snickers.

  2. Asterix had a few animated movies from late 70s to 90s. Childhood favorites

  3. Aladdin 😍 I bought it a few months ago on gog, but very tricky Jump&Run

  4. Pinky Out is completely class 😄

    "When in doubt…."

  5. Super turrican seems to have been left out of this list and would likely be the best of the lot – Great nes game!

  6. There was a Prince valiant cartoon in England

  7. i had uforia as a kid (from seden) awsome game

  8. some great games , but that trolls tho lol

  9. Looks like the EU got some pretty sweet NES games. Weird they didn't bring a lot of those to us since the Nes did a lot better here than there, where they were all about the C64 and Master System.

  10. Does that place have black currant candy? I really need some in my life.

  11. The Astrix and obelix cartoons / comics are great and of good quality , there is alsow an Astrix and Obelix amusementpark in Plailly, ‎France .

  12. You should have mentioned the PAL version of Mario Bros which would be my only PAL essential! It plays so much better than the NTSC version. Mario is just much more responsive and the graphics are closer to the Arcade version.

  13. Contra was Probotector because of Germany’s strict censorship rules at the time.

    And Ninja Turtles was Hero Turtles because the UK originally had a law that banned ninja related material even weapons, Michelangelo’s Nunchaku (or simply Nunchucks) were censored in the cartoon and movies but not the games, but the name was still changed until the Movie where it’s now Ninja Turtles in UK too.
    The same issues also applied to Ninja Gaiden/Shadow Warrirors and even the Tenchu games on PlayStation systems.

    But these laws are no longer present. So they can use the US and Japanese counterparts now.

    Oh and Mr. Gimmick was also released in Japan too as simply Gimmick.

  14. It is an odd twist of history that So many good games never got released in the US from one single ( well two or three, depending how you define it) publisher. A missed opportunity really.

  15. Fun fact : Asterix was supposed to be released in the US, published by Electro Brain. But it never happened for some unknown reason…

    Besides, this game has one of the best NES soundtracks (like The Smurfs, by the same composer).

  16. You've ranked the black box games, but when are you going to rank the rest of the Nintendo published NES games? Really appreciate your content, by the way!

  17. Mr. Gimmick, that game should be up there with Zelda or Mario on the NES…

  18. Ahhhh Astrix. They came out with some ps4 titles and they're quite good. Just played the arcade version with buddy and it was alot of fun. If you get the chance watch the movie "Astrix & the 12 Tasks"

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