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I play the New Boxing Video game for the first time (Is it good?)

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Let’s play this new boxing game called Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions,…. is it good? Enjoy!

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  1. It's fun! An arcade game, interesting – with amazing Rocky's character's!

  2. at lest esbc is going 2 to be better I can't wait for that game

  3. Dude no lie, if y’all treat this game like the game Facebreakers. I believe you will have more fun 😂

  4. Dam when is ESBC coming out definitely not this year

  5. Creed boxing on the psvr is epic a must play

  6. Its like Tekken but the only fighting style is boxing

  7. Dang… the ps2 version of Rocky was better than this by the looks

  8. You get this on PC? Or xbox? I didnt see it on ps4

  9. You’re saying it’s bad? You people need to be grateful that you’re getting a boxing game to begin with… tf… people must always bitch, moan, and complain 🙄

  10. At least we have ESBC, & Hellish Quart (sword game) to look forward too.

  11. This game should've definitely been free lol

  12. Glad you’re using your YouTube funds to take one for the team. Lol good shit bro!

  13. Hoping for a boxing version of WWE All-stars the game doesn't move or look as fluid but not the worse game.

  14. eh, ill wait for ESBC. i perfer a mix of Simulation and Arcade boxing games over just Arcade Boxing games. FNC nailed boxing simulation while also having arcade elements to keep things fun and interesting. ESBC seems to be taking what FNC did and build upon it and improve it, which is why im excited about it.

    but, in regards to this game its a hard pass for me. if i wanted to play a fighting game id play mortal kombat, this is just a fighting game with a boxing skin. (but props for taking one for the team 😂)

  15. Yo I was gonna ask if u were going to play I saw it and was told it was like ready to rumble…so let's watch the video lol

  16. I've bought it yesterday and was really disapointed. You can't throw single punches like a jab, uppercut or cross. Everything is combo. Terrible gameplay. I'm thinking about selling it again.

  17. At least EA didn’t make it and add legendary fighter cards and power ups 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. As much as I’m desperate for a boxing game, I’m not this desperate. This looks awful, I’m obviously a huge fan of the Rocky films as well, but this is too Arcady for me.

  19. Thus is kinda different……meaning WACK aF

  20. Good lawdddd it’s hard on Champion mode got to Drago stuck

  21. When i saw the title i thought it was ESBC and i died inside, so glad its whatever this crap game is

  22. It look like playing TJ Combo from KI,or ED from SFV.

  23. "How is he already sweaty?" Some boxers like to build a sweat before they get into the ring. I am surprised you said that. I thought you knew the sport?

  24. It’s just a normal fighting game with a boxing skin

  25. Yeah i bought it and played it…its not good imo.

    I knew it was bad when Rocky went to collect money from a guy in his boxing trunks

  26. Rocky Legends for PS2 is much better really this is an Android game for boys is very ugly

  27. "this is kinda different" haha, fun and funny

  28. This is basically esbc same punching mechanics

  29. It's an arcade style boxing game in the spirit of the Ready To Rumble boxing games on the Sega dreamcast but with Rocky characters

  30. Bruh this game has hella potential. With better animation this would be an elite game

  31. I picked this up yesterday for my ps4/xbox one and i gotta say i really like it. This reminds me of Ready 2 Rumble which is a lot of fun when you have some friends over for a fight. Its very easy to throw on and just rock out. Id rather play creed Champs than FNC for sure.

  32. Bro I bought this game on release and I’ve been emailing Microsoft about a refund since an hour after playing it. This game is TRAAAASH and incomplete and really insulting that they got my 39.99 on a 12.99 game. You can’t even move when you block! Had me pissed. Ok about to watch your video lol

  33. This is just a appetizer before ESBC is dropped! 😂

  34. I'd have quit as soon as I seen that choppy movement 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Kinda reminds me of Ready to Rumble boxing, without the fun.

  36. tbh If anyone is gonna get offended over this: Sorry but I don't care.
    however people shouldn't be taking a dump on this game because if you thought you were gonna get a simulation boxing game you clearly don't have a basic understanding of how rocky games usually are. and ykw I don't blame you they were usually irrelevant. but even then the game stated it was an arcade game and in the trailer it had a lot of flashy effects and all that which just PROVES that it's an arcadey game. leave the arcadey games for the people who love the arcadey games. if you want a simulation boxing game. ESBC is coming out soon wait for that.

  37. You scared me. I thought this was about to be a bad review for E Sports Boxing

  38. This ain’t it 😂😂😂😂😂. Dam I’m ready for esbc to drop

  39. Save some of that for the sequel!!! Lol anybody remember that Lipton commercial?

  40. Ngl,This looks pretty shit,Maybe ok for 10 mins. It's about time someone made a decent Rocky boxing game ,The numbers would be great

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