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Nintendo pinball machine

table hockey

candy machine game

small red and purple pinball machines

claw machine

giant 2 player pinball machine

basketball machine

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U In My Arms – Jeremy Blake

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  1. It would have been great to make a compilation of all my cardboard machines with all of them together, forming a real arcade just like yours but unfortunately, most of them got ruined by typhoons

  2. Amazing. Love Your Vids. Keep up the great work.

  3. All the way from the first ever pinball machine. Wow it's nice to see them all in one place.

  4. Could you please help me get to 100subs, I'm so close.

  5. You have made some great stuff. I don't remember the groot on any video that was cool.

  6. I ligit choked when I saw chereos instead of skittles

  7. i remember your first vid was the mario pinball and i still love the vids so plz make some more 🙂

  8. Good video well done keep up the good work.

  9. Omg! I love this channel! You make such COOL crafts, and unlike Mini Gear and The Q and the other famous channels you actually EXPLAIN how to make it. Could you press on my icon to go to my channel. They are cardboard tutorials just like yours!

  10. i was not this inventive or crafty as a kid. props.

  11. Please make first cardboard pinhole machine

  12. Hi big brother u know me , and ur really have a big brain..
    So creative , I like it

  13. Why the f do you only have 86k subs, you’re awesome!!

  14. I love your channel, I thinks it is really cool. Can we plz do sub 4 sub

  15. Love the first pinball machine, it's much clearer and easier to play

  16. Make a cardboard laptop or tablet or phone

  17. Bro Please show all of your web shooters to us please I all ready subscribed to your channel so can you show all of your web shooters but wait I know I have watched this video lately but show us in the future

  18. Yo should put those all outside and print stickers an people can buy and play and so you know they bought use those printed stickers

  19. Keep up the good work 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍

  20. Please make to boomerang three wings and make template

  21. Hi Sean, can you make a vid showing how to make a slot machine?

  22. That is amazing I’ve been making arcade stuff too, like pin ball, down the clown, and a claw machine. I can tell this took a while, great job!!

  23. i love it so much! consider subscrbing to him

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