I BOUGHT A POKEMON CATCH ARCADE MACHINE - Winner Gets A Pokemon Cards Shopping Spree! [opening] - video-games-arcade.com

I BOUGHT A POKEMON CATCH ARCADE MACHINE – Winner Gets A Pokemon Cards Shopping Spree! [opening]

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I bought a Pokemon arcade machine from 2001 and the winner of the vintage Pokemon catch arcade game gets a Pokemon card shopping spree! Opening Pokemon cards and pulling back to back rainbow rare cards in the exact same box. It’s always been a dream of mine to own an actual arcade game!
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Hey I’m RealBreakingNate and I simply love to spread positivity through my Pokemon videos as I do a Pokemon opening with Pokemon cards, share my collection and my day to day life with you all. When you are on this Pokemon channel I always encourage you all to be yourself. Lets enjoy life!

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  1. and her to troll is a bloody pirate 25-14 FATALITY

  2. Hey Nate It Was funny when the camera zoomed in when you said to Mari your losing also you both are the best 😀😀😀

  3. 2 things don’t get so close to the camera and turn the AC on we can see your sweat shining from the lights

  4. There was a drawing of a heart on breaking nates hand

  5. It was 25 to 14 sorry 😅😅😅

  6. The circuits do photosynthesis and exo skeleton and volcanic just so u know

  7. If I could play that I would be so happy it looks like fun

  8. Watching this again, Nate totally started giving up on that last round. He gave Marie the win…we need a REMATCH nate! Team RBN forever

  9. Iijfreojierfijoreffrejoifeiojrf🤝🥴👺🤝🤒🤘🏻👍🤝🤐👍🤝👺🥴🤘🏻🤒🤐🤛🏿🤒🥱🤛🏿👹🤒👍🤘🏻🤛🏿😐☠️😦👿👿😴🖐🏿👐😴☠️🤛🏿👐🤛🏿😷👆👻😈🎃👆🤲🤟🖐🏿🎃🤘🏻👐😷😈👐🤘🏻👿💀👇🏼🤝💀🤐👐👍👿🤒😴🤤👐☠️😧🤛🏿👆😧🤝👆👿😾👆😷💀👆👐😷😴😼✊😈😦💀👏👉💀😈👉😻😷👻😈😷😈💀👐🤛🏿

  10. Oh the days before the great card hoarding

  11. Via trade I got a rainbow brush full art card

  12. youtubers who look to profit off of pokemon are basically team rocket js

  13. You said you were gonna win but did you Marie did

  14. I have a small Pokémon channel but it only has 8 subscribers🙁

  15. Me wondering if Marie has a eevee collection and how big it is

  16. Have you ever played this vintage Pokemon arcade machine before?

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