I BOUGHT A POKEMON CATCH ARCADE MACHINE - Winner Gets A Pokemon Cards Shopping Spree! [opening] - video-games-arcade.com

I BOUGHT A POKEMON CATCH ARCADE MACHINE – Winner Gets A Pokemon Cards Shopping Spree! [opening]

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I bought a Pokemon arcade machine from 2001 and the winner of the vintage Pokemon catch arcade game gets a Pokemon card shopping spree! Opening Pokemon cards and pulling back to back rainbow rare cards in the exact same box. It’s always been a dream of mine to own an actual arcade game!
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Hey I’m RealBreakingNate and I simply love to spread positivity through my Pokemon videos as I do a Pokemon opening with Pokemon cards, share my collection and my day to day life with you all. When you are on this Pokemon channel I always encourage you all to be yourself. Lets enjoy life!

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  1. Have you ever played this vintage Pokemon arcade machine before?

  2. Me wondering if Marie has a eevee collection and how big it is

  3. I have a small Pokémon channel but it only has 8 subscribers🙁

  4. You said you were gonna win but did you Marie did

  5. youtubers who look to profit off of pokemon are basically team rocket js

  6. Via trade I got a rainbow brush full art card

  7. Oh the days before the great card hoarding

  8. Iijfreojierfijoreffrejoifeiojrf🤝🥴👺🤝🤒🤘🏻👍🤝🤐👍🤝👺🥴🤘🏻🤒🤐🤛🏿🤒🥱🤛🏿👹🤒👍🤘🏻🤛🏿😐☠️😦👿👿😴🖐🏿👐😴☠️🤛🏿👐🤛🏿😷👆👻😈🎃👆🤲🤟🖐🏿🎃🤘🏻👐😷😈👐🤘🏻👿💀👇🏼🤝💀🤐👐👍👿🤒😴🤤👐☠️😧🤛🏿👆😧🤝👆👿😾👆😷💀👆👐😷😴😼✊😈😦💀👏👉💀😈👉😻😷👻😈😷😈💀👐🤛🏿

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